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It is a gorgeous July day here in Northern Iowa and I plan to be outside working on my acreage. It does not really seem like work (Just like my Online Company) since I will be outside enjoying the summer. I have 5.5 acres to mow and tend to, but when I am finished ‘I’ think it is breathtaking here. I LOVE my home and do my best to take care of it. After all, if I do not tend to it this place it will fall apart and it would not take long for it to start showing on the surface.

With that said, let us use this visual with our relationship with self. Without work, sweat, and attention it will start to fade. It will not be long before the lack of attention starts showing visually on ourselves, let alone what is happening below the surface.

For instance, when you have a leak in your roof of your home and you keep putting off the repairs that are needed there will be more issues that can surface. Let us say you take months and months to get the roof looked at and repaired. By the time you have a professional look at it the repairs are beyond a few nails and shingles. The additional problems could be rotting of the frame of the roof, attic boards, ceiling in your house and the sheet rock that has rotted from staying wet… and so on…

Any homeowner knows the consequences of putting off repairs.

Now, back to us! :) Using these thoughts on our mind, heart, and soul and we do not tend to our personal spirit, it will wither and need more repair. Now of course this does not mean you will ‘rot’ at your core just like the roof did, but it could feel that way. This feeling would take on many faces like despair, passionless, lack of motivation, dull, bored, tired, hopeless, and so on.

Where did your dreams go in life?

Our dreams and goals in life are necessary to a confident feeling and the spark in our motivation. We should all ask this great question to ourselves. I dream a lot! I believe in the world of The Secret (Law of Attraction) it is called manifesting.

However, once I learned the skills to the law of attraction I utilize this skill in a more powerful way by fully understanding it and NOT killing my own hopes. Dreaming alone will not attract more, but adding the necessary tools will help you live your dreams. As in the Law of Attraction - what you feel you will attract! If you are feeling bad about yourself, or your inner voice is harsh – this is what you attract in other human beings and/or situations. Therefore, the first place to start attracting abundance is where the magnet lives, which is in the core of your personal spirit, self-esteem, and feelings about self. Your inner voice is the voice of your self-esteem. Begin with journaling your thoughts, dreams, fears, and hopes daily so you know where you need the most change. I call this finding the home place of your inner GPS system.

** What are your hopes & dreams?

** Where do you want to live?

** Where do you want to work?

** What is your inner voice saying to you?

** How are you feeling?

** Who do you want to spend the rest of your life with?

** Fill in the blank here......

** Does your inner voice encourage you or tell you its silly and not going to happen? (YOU need a honest answer here)

I have heard that deflating voice in the past and I stay attentive with my relationship with Merna. Take the journey with a friend and learn more about you.

Do not be afraid of looking within because you were brought into this world as a sweet, kind soul. You are still in there… we just have some housecleaning to do… Remember, you do not have to go through this journey alone; you have me in your pocket daily.

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Merna Throne is The Inner Voice Vixen: "A Heart with an Edge!" who believes all our answers lie within us today!

She is an Author, and a Super Success Coach & (LifeStyle Coach) Trainer™. Even though her personal self-worth journey began in 1986, her career in the personal development industry as a LifeStyle Coach began in 2004. She has guided thousands of men and women to healthier ground in life and relationships with her work. Her mission is to assist you to tap into your personal power you were born with and catapult life starting with today!

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