Caring for a senior or an invalid is not so laid-back, instead it is somehow difficult more than ever on assignments such as washing and assisting them to the lavatory. Above all, the late seniors who dwell in their homes with no companions are even more prone to indoor accidents like slipping and falling down. It could injure them, bones might be fractured and the horrible thing that could happen is they could die. Studies show that in North America, twenty thousand deaths are occurring annually due to these accidents.Seventy percent of the total home accidents happen in the toilet with more than two hundred thousand accidents per year and three-fourths of our seniors over the age of 65 are the casualties of slipping and falling fatalities.These statistics indicate that the bathroom is the most harmful place inside the home.

In an account by the National Health Center, in 1997 there were more than 34 million seniors above sixty five years old and that figure is predicted to increase to an astonishing 70 million not later than 2030.

Even though I don't consider myself elderly - as of now - I have noticed that I am more mindful of being watchful walking in and out of the shower. Lavatory accidents, as investigations reveal that it may also happen to individuals who are not old.They can take place at any age. A flat surface combined with water and an individual's ignorance of his/her surroundings is inevitable to end him/her in pain.

When I was taking care of my mama, we took additional safeguards for keeping the lavatory free from danger.Mother at all times loved her moments in the tub and seldom ever selected the shower as her preference. Until one day it was hard for mama to step in and out of the bathtub, so lots of alterations were incorporated. What we did at first is that we purchased a transfer bench and with this, mom could go over the wall and into the tub with no hassles. When the transfer bench no longer proved to be handy, a major modification was on the way. Mom's tub was taken away and a shower was changed in its place.We placed nonslip mats on the bathroom floor, and got mama a reclining shower chair, and added shower grab bars. When it came to bathing, mama was always looking forward to get in the shower even though she was not feeling well.We maintained the floor tidy of anything that might trip her up, wiped away any liquid that could cause her to trip and placed a night lamp for her to notice where she was going. Of course, I had the privilege of staying with my mother and being there for her during the times she needed aid. At times I would speculate why are the height of the toilets are so low. Do you not notice that it is awkward for people who are elderly or those who are disabled to sit on a very low toilet seat? There is an assisted living facility in our community and you will find that the toilet seats there are raised in comparison to the typical ones, in great appreciation to one nurse who once was working there and gave the commendation. The seniors in the facility need not bend very low since the height of the toilet seat was raised by around 5 inches. It was brilliant. It was only a simple thought that turned out to be excellent. It was very beneficial for individuals who find it hard to crouch.They also lock to avoid falling over.

Our bathing procedures with mother also developed as her sickness progressed.The back tilting shower chair was used up to the time that she could no longer rise up from bed.It comprised armrests, a backrest and cushioned seat.. We took suggestions on the items we used from the persons in the nursing houses who were tending the elders. When nursing the seniors, as much as probable we strive to keep them secured always, hence be vigilant.

Keep safe and pay attention of your elderly when using the bathroom by giving them padded shower chairs. suggests wide assortment of medical equipment and supplies.

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Keep safe and pay attention of your elderly when using the bathroom by giving them padded shower chairs. suggests wide assortment of medical equipment and supplies.