You feel like you've tried everything to help your defiant teen and not you are struggling to figure out what to do next. Many parents before you have been there, in fact your own parents may have felt the same way, just don't give up on them.

Remember at one time this same child loved and respected you. Even then teens can forget those early years and become defiant for a time.

You'll know the teens that have defiant issues vs those teens that resist to be told what to do by their parents because the degree of defiance is much higher than typical teens.

Kids all go through stages of defying boundaries.

This is normal to test boundaries. During the teen years they are trying to learn how they fit into the bigger picture. Its a growing process to test a situation, assess how it relates to you and them.

What your kids, if they are defiant continually then there could be a long term problem brewing. Getting counseling from your church or school can be an affordable way to start getting help. Sometimes a little more dramatic solution is required like boarding schools.

Parents might consider this when their relationship with their teens has deteriorated to the point the can't get through to them. Sometimes these programs can be dangerous to the kid if the program is too extremely so take care in choosing the program appropriate to your child's situation.

A thorough review of the programs methodologies and policies before admitting your child is always a very good idea.

Educational institutions where the kids live on campus, and not returning home after school, are considered boarding schools. Boarding schools teach respect and discipline to students through a very structured routine. Because quality is not the same with every program be sure to find a program that meets your standards.

West Ridge Academy that if a boarding school is necessary that you actually to an onsite visit.

In todays world most programs that work with defiant teens have websites you can check out. Get references and call them to get a feel for what other's experienced. Sending your teen to a program will be a full family sacrifice and mark the beginning of long road to recovering for the entire family.

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