The throat chakra emanates from the throat, half way between your front and back. As with all chakras, it takes the shape of a funnel with the small end closest to the body and extends out from the front and back of the physical body.

The throat chakra is where the mind and heart meet. We choose what to say - or not say. We choose how to say things. Whether we come from the heart or the mind can make a big difference. When our throat chakra is clear and our system is in balance, we allow the heart to guide the mind. We are comfortable speaking our truth and do so with love and with confidence. We don't worry about whether we said the right thing or hurt someone's feelings.

How many of you say prayers? Recite mantras? Chant at kirtans? These empower and unite the heart, throat and third eye chakras. These help them to act unison.

How many of you have internalized voices - perhaps a parent or family member, a religious figure or a teacher? How many of you use affirmations to negate these voices?

All sounds have energy. They should be chosen wisely and used judiciously. Think of common sayings such as "silence is golden", "the meek shall inherit the earth", "the strong silent type", "gossip mongers", "chatty Cathy." What kind of impression do these make? What kind of energy comes to mind when you think of each? What about when you say them aloud?

When our throat chakra is balanced, words flow easily. We are unafraid to say what needs to be said. We say things from a place of love -- even when what we have to say might be difficult for someone else to hear.

Your throat chakra may be out of balance if you:
• have control issues
• gossip
• condemn people or situations
• experience doubt
• worry about what you've said
• chatter
• experience sore throats
• cough
• have trouble breathing (such as asthma or simply taking very shallow breaths)
Clearing the throat chakra can easily be done through energy work. An important piece to keeping it clear, is to speak in alignment with your Authentic Energizer. Different from the typical life purpose, which is a personal mission statement about what someone is here to do, an Authentic Energizer describes what fills you with energy when you are using your innate talents to serve someone/something outside yourself. When you are operating from your soul source, you feel balanced, you are free to speak your truth and the Universe conspires to help you in countless ways.

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