Have you ever had someone try to convince you that there’s a difference between doing what you would ‘like’ to do and doing what you ‘have’ to do?

In other words, you must come to terms with the fact that throughout your life you will need to find a job that you do not particularly enjoy. You will go to work from 9-5, Monday through Friday so that when Friday finally does arrive you can be in line to shout at the top of your lungs, “TGIF baby!”

Did you buy into this lie? Did they tell you that you need to realize that having a passion or a great love is wonderful; but, you cannot possibly make money doing that. So, go out and get a ‘real’ job so that you can do what you really enjoy on the weekends.

Unfortunately, most people have not only bought into this lie; but, they will continue to buy into it until they retire when they’re seventy and then they can really begin to enjoy their lives.

Quite tragic. Quite prevalent.

There’s one small, little area that most people are missing when they buy into this information...we excel the greatest and do the best at the thing we love the most. Always. This is a true constant. When something lights you up, when something keeps you awake because you are so excited you can’t stand it that is exactly the thing at which you will always be the very best.

So, why in the world would you intentionally try to avoid earning a living at that thing? Because you have been raised in a world that tells you and shows you that, that is the right way. The ‘right’ way introduces us, at a very early age, that work is not fun. It teaches us that TGIF is a way of life and that Monday mornings just plain suck.

But, why are you here? Are you here to be normal? Is that what you decided when you were six years old, or ten years old or whenever you were supposed to decide what kind of life you really wanted. We are constantly surrounded with ‘normal’. We are constantly reminded that ‘normal’ is well...normal.

So, if you decide to be abnormal that means you have decided that you aren’t going to be like everybody else and that is the heart of it all.

Because, when we decide we are no longer going to be normal that also means we will have chosen to separate ourselves from others and separation is something none of us wants. Besides, if you’re not normal that may mean your weird, right?

But, are you ready for a little irony? When we decide that we are going to make that demand of ourselves to go out and do what we love. When we decide that we are going to create a life that we cannot live without. When we decide that we aren’t going to spend the next twenty or thirty years doing something we don’t enjoy and instead we are going to create a business that makes us feel fresh and alive it winds up attracting others to us. Crazy, huh?

It’s true, when we choose to go out and be totally different and completely abnormal we will have some of our ‘normal’ friends not understand this new version of you. That’s okay because what you will experience is a whole new group of people that are completely drawn to you because of these amazing new qualities you’re no longer hiding from the world.

As we feel as if we are separating from others (the normal people we’ll just call them) we wind up attracting and befriending more and more people that are just like us.

It turns out that the only people we may separate from are the people we really weren’t that much like, anyway.

We wind up connecting with those who love their lives, who have decided to do exactly what they were meant to do and refuse to live a life that doesn’t bring them ultimate joy, freedom, gratitude and contribution.

So, what kind of life do you wish to lead? A normal life or the life that’s waiting to be designed by the greatest happiness and fulfillment architect in the world? You.

It’s all up to you. When will NOW be the right time to demand this of yourself?

Author's Bio: 

Dallas Hardcastle founded IntoGreat Training Technologies so that he could help people accurately identify their greatest strengths and passions so they can use them to create an explosive business with an extraordinary life. He knows that separating ourselves from what we love and what we do never really works. It’s only when we can blur the line between our work and our lives that we ultimately live an amazing life of our wildest dreams. If this sounds useful to you feel free to go to www.dallashardcastle.com to download a free .pdf map to help guide you right now.