Guarding against the growth gremlin…

If you have ever dreamed of a smooth-running business which brought in abundant income and ran smoothly? Is your reality a mind-boggling list of projects, a bank account that seems to have an automatic drain and no promise of a change?

You may be unconsciously resisting success. What happens is that a little gremlin holds on to the status-quo. If you have been making efforts to grow by reading the books and taking the classes but not seeing results, it is time to check in on that gremlin.

You might imagine your gremlin as a little froggy-type critter standing on two feet. It is facing forward toward your future, but it’s little eyes only see the past. The gremlin claims to be your partner in growth, yet frankly it can’t see where to go. So to be helpful, the little gremlin says, “Let’s just try this. We’ll see if it works.” So, listening to your gremlin, you take tentative steps forward. You only know you are making progress when you check behind you.

This strategy is slow, torturous and unpredictable. It isn’t long before you have a string of half-baked goals and broken promises behind you. And worse yet, your vision of the future is getting foggier all the time.

Does this sound familiar? Are you ready to make a change?

You can change quickly and easily. At the same time this change is profound and scary. It requires courage. You have to be willing to leave your old ways behind and become something you have never been before. You have to be willing to participate in the creative process by accepting ALL of the responsibility of your choices.
What does this mean for you?

1. Find success models which exemplify the type of business you are building. Notice the details of how this business operates. What type of systems do they use for marketing, delivery of product or service, billing, customer support?

2. Make a list of the systems you will need. Identify which systems you currently have and which you will need to implement.

3. Consider the ways in which you must change in order to lead this ideal organization. What growth is required to lead this future team? What knowledge and skill must you acquire?

If you find yourself quaking in your sneakers, you have it. If you find yourself saying, “Sure, we’ll see how this works,” you may still be listening to your gremlin. Why? Because if you already knew this – you would have done it rather than wandering in circles.

You are quaking when you realize that you are stepping into unknown territory. You will be taking on responsibilities which you have never done before. Leadership, responsibility and risk are ahead. At the same time, all the real FUN and ADVENTURE in life requires this risk. What do you do?

SAY YES TO SIMPLE SUCCESS!! Step up into a bigger YOU. Say YES to making phone calls that are uncomfortable. Say YES to hiring a team who can systematize your processes. Say YES to growing your speaking and persuasion skills. Say YES to the ultimate responsibility for customer satisfaction. Say YES to increasing your financial acuity. Say YES to whatever new skill and talent is required.

And to stay in this mode, create a team of advisors, coaches, staff and consultants who will hold you to your promise. You will be successful when you make sure there is no other alternative. I have seen this technique work for new business owners as well as those growing from 5 Million to 20 Million.

To be successful, you start from within. It is your vision that makes the difference...

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