Laughter is a phenomenal stress relief tool. Laughter is spectacular for so many things. It is a great way for stress relief. Stress relief comes in many different packages. Laughter is so much fun. Why not have fun! Why not laugh! The body doesn’t know if it is a spontaneous laugh or if it is self induced.
This wonderful Indian doctor, Dr Quatary decided to implement a laughter prescription. Every morning a group would meet in the park for a little stress relief. They started by telling each other jokes. After a period of time they ran out of jokes. The doctor then created a new yoga technique mixed with laughter. This was a big success.
It even spilled into the business community. One company starts every morning with a laughing yoga session. This gives a happier work force. Hence, increasing productivity with decrease of tension.
The University of California did a laughter study on a controlled group of people. (They tried it on rats but they just didn’t get it! – Just joking!) They found, as a result of laughter, that key stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline decreased. This shows that this is chemical stress relief. This chemical stress relief in turn lets specific immune cell activity increase. Thus boosting the body’s natural killer cells; therefore, being able to radically reduce viruses and tumors cells, perhaps killing them off completely.
This is serious stuff. This is serious stress relief. We need to learn to laugh more. Laugh when and at whatever you can and still be polite of course! We as adults are way too serious. Well, there’s one thing we need to be serious about….that is laughter. Have a serious belly laugh at least once a day.
Set a timer for 2 minutes. Ok… lay on your back. In private if you are self conscience. Close your eyes. Start to laugh. Remember, that the body doesn’t know if it is a spontaneous or self induced laugh. Just start laughing. Everyday increase the time a little until you are at a point of around 15 minutes of laughing. Stress relief can be fun. Perhaps it will be so fun that you will want to start your own stress relief club and just laugh your way through it! ?
There have been miracles happen because of laughter. Cancers have been irradiated. Ulcers have been healed. General health has increased.
Laugh? Why not? It’s worth a try. Even if you don’t have any major health ailments, you could eventually if you don’t laugh. Remember, without laughter stress hormones are on the rise. Stress is the cause of many deathly diseases. Let’s turn stress hormones into stress relief. Stress relief such as laughter is vital for survival. So swallow your pride and do some laughter stress relief!

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I have been a Registered Nurse for over 20 years with my specialty being in mental health. Shortly after entering this field, my middle son was diagnosed with Autism. I have delved greatly into the area of mental health which I discovered is my passion. My mission is to help empower you to live your best life possible by mentally and emotionally strong and healthy.