Yes, your child is undeniably psychic to a degree. However, being psychic is a concept that applies mostly to adults, not children. A grown adult has to adjust a lot to the human world, and generally loses psychic connection in the process - so it is more or less accurate for an adult person to say whether he is psychic or not.

Compared to an adult, a child is in a state of existential clarity - this is commonly known as 'innocence'. A child is open to all the psychic energies of the world and having no other recourse, has to let them through. Thankfully, such a rush of energies vitalizes instead of causing damage since the identity of a child is unformed.

The mind of a child accepts the 'Love of God', so to say. Anything can be a stressor, but a child is quick to bounce back to the only state it knows. Through these small (and big) hardships the young person forms his or her identity, and whether the child grows to accept psychic abilities or shun them depends greatly on the social environment. If the people around are supportive and open minded, psychic capabilities (or any other capabilities for that matter) are more likely to blossom and be accepted as natural.

Children learn most easily by imitation, and later through example. Develop yourself as a psychic and a balanced individual, and your child will most likely be able to follow you in your footsteps. Rather than teaching outright psychic techniques, support your child in becoming his or her own person.

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