Living a Healthier Life
By Dr. Amicitia Maloon-Gibson
Author-Speaker- Executive Coach

One day during a coaching session, a client asked after thirty years of service to the nation, what keeps you glowing, smiling and looking youthful. I replied, good genetic composition from my parents. Then, I gave another response and said, it called and investment in yourself, for yourself and those you love. My father died when he was ninety-three. He lived and abundant healthy life. Several of the things he did in his life daily connected to the core denominator of strong Spiritual foundation. He prayed as he got up every morning – on his Knees. He walked everyday (until he lost his site at age 91) and he always ate breakfast. His process was before any of the known health systems. Oh! I forgot Castor Oil was constant too. He was “old school” and a man of great intellect and wisdom.
Yes, there is a challenge in living a healthier life. However, it is not impossible and Yes, you too, can live a healthier. We are living in a society today where there is an abundance of just about everything, food, sport activities, health spas and resorts, and a propreciation for fast-food restaurants, dining out and being all we can be. We have moved from the basic microwave quick fixes to fast foods that can be super sized instantaneously. We are in the generational era of want more: more education, more promotions, more money, more assets, more this and more that. Who is who in what and who is not. We are grandmothers, mothers, daughters, wives, aunties, sisters and sister-in-law, caregivers, entrepreneurs, chief executive officers, volunteers; board of directors, ministers, choir directors, and the list goes on and on. Can you hear me now? Help me! I am beyond the “Superwoman Syndrome”; I am an emotional wreck… some going through menopause, other going through hormone changes, weight gain, weight loss what else can happen. I say to you, I can hear you now! Calm down, you haven’t crashed yet and may I suggest a few life changes that you can implement to make your life healthier and joyful from the inside-outside. Sharing a process for you take a look at your life from a holistic perspective.
Before, I get to the process let me give you a brief overview of the Health Care System in the United States. The facts as I see it. Looking at our Health Care System it is what I label as an emergency crisis-critical condition. The general analysis is that those of us that do not have adequate health care will die sooner than those of us that has health care. Recently, I was listening to Dr. Sujay Gupta, a medical professional correspondent for CNN and he asked the question who is to blame for the failure of our Health Care System? The main suspect that most of us blamed is our government. The other suspects included doctors, pharmaceutical industry, insurance companies and you and me. Keep in mind that You on the list of suspects! In addition, during the primary elections, the 2008 presidential candidates all articulate what they would do to “fix” the broken Health Care System. My response is I want to promote self care now that we won’t need health care later. Most of us rely on our employers for health insurance coverage. According to Dr. Sujay Gupta’s special report health care and employee statistics documents that over 158 million Americans are dependent on their employers for health coverage. In the here and now many employers are not offering insurance to new employees. Although, some of us are covered, the coverage may not be enough, if we ever acquire a long-term illness. If we lose our jobs or require medical treatment for a long-term illness it could be a disaster. At the age of sixty-two most of us won’t qualify for Medicare or Medicaid as we are in an income bracket that society – the government identifies as “making too much money”.
It is our responsibility as individuals to eat healthy and be proactive in taking care of self-our body—our temple. The American Medical Association and health insurance agencies are both getting online with the idea of a universal Health Care Plan. This process may or may not work. What I know for sure is that health care is a priority for me and it should be a priority for you. When you commit to “Living a Healthier Life”, it would not matter if there is a universal or non-universal Health Care Plan in the United States. Why? Because you will be committing to living healthier and being proactive in taking steps that are necessary to facilitate a healthier you.
What is the definition of healthy person? Many definitions and concepts on living a healthier life exists. The Society for Human Resource Management offers this definition: “A healthy person is one free of illness, injury, or mental and emotional problems that impair normal human activity. Living a healthier life is more inclusive than eating balance meals and doing exercise routines several times a week. Daily we are empowered to make a choice or choices that ultimately determine how healthy we will remain. Technology overload with information on health contributes to educating us on what is available. If you are like me at times it hard to determine what is fact and what is fiction, as most of it is believable as we reading medical doctors and other health care professions articles and endorsements of health products and programs. The products and programs usually claim to improve and extend life beyond the “normal life spans” in our society.
My goal is to share what is working for me and inform the reader that your health is not something you can cut back spending on for your life is priceless. A Healthier You, a publication based on the 2005 dietary guidelines for Americans, suggested that there are three main components of living a healthier life. First, it’s about choices. Our daily intake of food and activity contribute to how we feel daily. Second, it’s about balance. Everyone needs to allocate more time in life to do things that make them happy, healthy and productive. Third, it’s about a healthy lifestyle. To make lifestyle changes effective, you must take small steps one day at a time.
The Healthier Spool for Life consists of The Eight Dimensions of Living a Healthier Life. Why eight and not 10? Well the number eight signifies “new beginnings” in biblical studies and 2008 is our year of “new beginnings” a year of change, repositioning and re-building. It is a concept developed and formulated from my experiences for my lifestyle that I know can change your lifestyle in a positive and prosperous way. The eight dimensions are as follows: Spiritual, Relational, Physical, Mental, Career, Community, Financial, and Emotional. In addition, treat yourself to a spa for a massage and repeat positive affirmations everyday. An Example: I love me; I am beautiful and wonderfully made. I am walking in good health, wealth and spiritual favor. I am blessed to be a blessing…I will not let anyone steal my joy today. Read something uplifting or listen to uplifting music or an inspirational or motivational tape. You will be amazed at how self-talk and visualization will change your life in a positive way. Try it for a couple of months and get rid of all negative thoughts and toxic habits (smoking, drinking and overeating –eating when you are not hungry. Eating just because it dinner time).

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Dr Amicitia (Cita) Maloon-Gibson
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Amicitia (Cita) Maloon-Gibson, a native of St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, is the President and Founder of ATIC & MG Center For Excellence (MGC4E), Inc., a non-profit community base-global training service institute for disenfranchised youth and their family unit. The focus is on Education, Empowerment, and Encouragement to Excel in life skills. Maloon-Gibson & Associates (MGAA) a division of MGC4E provides professional speakers, training, coaching and consulting services. Amicitia has developed, implemented and delivered speeches, seminars and workshops in the United States and International. She has 30 plus years of experience working with state, federal government, private industry and non-profit organizations in the areas of Leadership, Team Building, Civil Rights, EEO & Diversity, Employee Recruitment & Succession Planning, and Organizational Development. She has a Bachelors degree in Psychology and two Masters degrees. She has a post Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Development from Cornell University. She completed Doctoral studies in Social Psychology and a is graduate of the Command & General Staff College at Leavenworth, KS.

Amicitia's professional memberships includes: Natonal Speakers Association, American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC), the Black African-American Christian Counselors (BAACC), the Marriage and Family Network (AACC).She is a certified Mediator & Transitional Life Coach. She is a charter member of the Brevard County Business and Professional Women/USA/FL. She serves as an Appointee on the Brevard County Commission and Florida State Committee on the Status of Women, Advisory Committee to the Commissioner's (District IV). She is a graduate of Brevard County Citizens Academy. Memberships and affiliation with National Association of Female Executives, the Association for Conflict Resolution, National Diversity Council, Society of Human Resource Management and others. She has active membership with the Professional Women Speakers and Christian Women Speakers Bureau. She is a God's Leading Ladies graduate of the Potter's House, Dallas, TX. She is a retired veteran, as a Lieutenant Colonel with Regimental Affiliation Engineers, and is a US Army veteran of almost 30 years of distinguish and honorable service to the nation. She served on the Executive Board of Directors of Christian Services Charities and Neighbor to the Nations both home based in Annadale,VA, for Three two year terms. She is a Global Diversity and Leadership; Active Certifications with John Maxwell Team.

She served as a board member in the position of Diversity Advocate, for the Society Human Resources Management, Wichita Kansas. She also served as a Board of Directors member of a non-profit ministry for three years. She is an active member of the National /Florida Diversity Council as an Advisory Board Member. Amicitia is author/co-author of five books. Active membership with the Professional Women's Network an international consulting firm and serves as an Advisory Board Member. Her ministry calling supports her passion for youth, orphans, women's issues and the elderly. Amicitia has numerous military, community and civic awards for distinction in leadership and community service and the recipient of the Woman of Color National Award for Leadership & Service. She is active in community service throughout Brevard County and the state of Florida. She is a visiting profession to colleges and universities. She is featured in the March 2009 Spring Issue of National Association for Female Executives as one of 24 authors of the Professional Women's Network and speakers. She is featured in the June 2009 Space Coast Living Magazine as a member the Advisory Committee of Brevard County Commission on the Status of Women.

Amicitia (Cita) Maloon-Gibson delivers exceptional seminars and keynotes, and is available for regional, national, and international travel engagements. Her international travels include the Jamaica, British Virgin Islands, US Virgin Islands, Costa Rica, St Martin, England, Germany, Prague, France, Belgium, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Aruba and the Bahamas (Nassau & Freeport). She has extensive travels throughout the United States of America. She is married and has two adult children.