Significance and Importance. The words resonate with meaning. Yet each one has a very different connotation when it comes to human relationships. Significance is defined as representing someone or the expression of what one is. For example, on the day you were born you had NOTHING but a birthday suit, yet EVERYTHING you needed to equip you for life.
Your birth signified a new life. A symbol of something wonderous and grand. This signifcance continues throughout your life. No matter your past or present you will remain a unique one of a kind individual that will never be exactly duplicated in world history. That will never change! Psalms 139:14 says "We are fearfully and wonderfully made!"
Importance however, is an accumulation of others opinions. The words are interchangable. But the world looks upon our social and economic status very differently. We obtain importance when we DO something that others view as significant. It can be in our families, friends or career choices. Labels are then put upon us according to our responses to peer pressure. At times this "importance" causes us to respond in ways that are contrary to our significance or our true selves. When this happens we become side tracked in our lives and the result is confusion and a feeling of unhappiness. We lose our identity.
But when we refuse to be molded according to others opinions and expectations, we are actually holding on to our birthright!

So the question is HOW can we retain our significance in society, and still balance our importance to it? I give you this advice. It is a word that is not often acknowledged in this fast paced world of human doings! It is the word...NO!
No is only two letters long, but it can move a mountain! Giving too much time to others can cause a person to lose sight of their dreams. Spending more than you make can cause an increase in hours and a lack of quality time for you and your family.
Effective use of the word NO means to have discipline. Your time must be MASTERED in order to have the "freedom" to be disciplined. Watch your life closely.
I am not saying to ignore all of the people in your life, for that would be unhealthy as well. When I was young, my favorite playground activity was the see-saw. In order to maintain the momentum, each person had to balance their end of the board. What a great way to teach children and adults how to live in peace and harmony! Right now I want you to review your life. Write down what is taking too much time and effort. What makes you happy? Sad? Frustrated? Where is your first "NO" going to take place in your life? Remember your birth and embrace your significance today!

Author's Bio: 

David Wayne Thompson is an actor, director,singer,writer and artist. He is lives with his family in Michigan.