It must come as no surprise that there is a shift going on where, through a combination of approaches, some spiritual and some scientific, our understanding of ourselves as human beings and, more specifically, as humans in dynamic relationship with the rest of the beings on the planet is undergoing a positive (I hope) transformation. My profession as a book publishing consultant, where I guide idea makers to express themselves through books, has made me keenly aware of the power of the word. Despite recent keening and wailing about the demise of the publishing industry, what I see is something different than demise. I see MORE expression, not less.

There is an incredible amount of healing writing going on. First to heal the self. Second to heal others. This type of writing in whatever format it comes out--from books, to blogs, to newsletters, to journals--and even audios and videos--is an important part of The Shift. So, I am just putting it out to you as a writer and a creator, have you considered if you are making your full and authentic contribution yet?

It takes courage to be a bold creator. But if you let your passion and your intellect guide you (it requires an integrated balance) then you will be as supported as you can possibly be. Here are three actions you can take to determine if your writing (a book, perhaps?) is a part of The Shift:

1. Meditate and connect with your heart. Connect with the feeling of giving the contents of your book to its target reader. Observe, Does this raise or lower your energy? If your energy increases, you're on the right track.

2. Are you clear about your motivations? Make a list of advantages for going forward. Make a list of disadvantages for going forward. When you compare the two lists, which is most compelling? When you are living from higher consciousness the advantages are obvious.

3. Ask your trusted friends and colleagues if your topic feels as if it is closely related to your personal strengths. Sometimes it is easier for people outside of us to see us clearly. Those who value our gifts can help us step into our power gracefully.

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