Islam is very beautiful Religion. Islam is an Islamism faith placed about confidence in the one God (Allah). In this admiration, it stocks some principles with Judaism and Christianity by drawing its past back to the paterfamilias Abraham, and eventually to the first prophet, Adam. All the prophets spoke the same worldwide message of belief in one God and compassion for humanity. The last in the sequence of prophets, rendering to Muslims, was Muhammad (PBUH).

Islam is the most rising faith on earth, there are more than 2 Billion humans all over the world named Muslims. Islam is based on the Suggestion of human will to One God who is called in Arabic "Allah" The only One, the Greater and The Only Maker of This Creation with no partners and all the being under his own Control. Islam was the religion given to Adam The first Man on Earth who was shaped by Allah, not as fallen being. All The Prophets & Messengers of God Allah to humankind on Earth were Muslims counting Adam, Abraham, Moses, Aaron, Jacob, Jesus and Mohammad. They have the same elementary Communication to Mankind. Muslims believe in one God which means no God worth of adoring Except Allah and anything else is his national and development.

The Basic concept of Islam is the complete Unity of Allah and he is not self-governing on whatever or anyone else or smooth similar, he is not three on one nor forefather and son, Islam believes that God and his formations are totally dissimilar objects. Allah is not his formation nor is he a part of it. Islam believes that his spirit and his great information are ubiquitously in his formation.

Muslims believe in one, sole, unmatched God, Who has no son nor spouse, and that none has the right to be adored but Him alone. He is the true God, and every other divinity is untrue. He has superb names and beautiful perfect qualities. No one shares His religion, nor His qualities. In the Quran, God labels Himself ay, “He is God, the One. God, to whom the beings turn for their wants. He produces not, nor was He produced, and there is none like Him.

Islam discards that God relaxed on the seventh day of the formation that He struggled with one of His angels that He is a jealous schemer in contradiction of mankind, or that He is personified in any human being. Islam also discards the ascription of any human form to God. All of these are measured irreligious. God is the Glorious. He is far detached from every faultiness. He never develops weary. He does not become sleepy nor does he slumber. Muslims trust in the reality of the angels and that they are privileged mortals.

He wants his nation (ummah) to visit His house once in their life time with umrah packages 2017.The angel's adoration God alone, follow Him, and performance only by His knowledge. Between the angels is Gabriel, who transported down the Quran to Muhammad (PBUH). Muslims trust that God exposed books to His messengers as proof for mankind and as leadership for them. Between these books is the Quran, which God exposed to the Prophet Muhammad. God has certain the Quran’s defense from any dishonesty or misrepresentation.

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