Muslims are living in the large number in the UK. At a time when great mistakes and stereotypes mingle the society and media regarding the religion, this is important for an effort to be made at all levels to go beyond archetypal images and to begin to understand Muslim and Islam.

Muslims vary from generation to generation, culture to culture, some are sincerer than others and interpretations and practices of the faith are numerous. This may also be the case that the individual is Muslim by name only and selects not to practice their religion.


A Muslim, both men and women, is likely to pray five times a day. This prayer involves facing Makkah in Saudi Arabia, usually on a prayer mat or clean surface and reciting prayers that follow a process of prostration and bowing. This takes between 10 - 15 minutes depending on the individual. Prayer times are designed according to the movement of the sun and take place at dawn, noon, evening, sunset and at night.

For Muslims in your company this is a good idea to assign a neutral space for them to use for their prayers. This can be a devoted prayer room or simply access to a seldom used office or medical room. Such a space will make your Muslim staff feel at comfort knowing they have somewhere private and clean to say their prayers. The company should provide cheap hajj packages for Muslims so that Muslims can easily perform hajj and fulfill the rituals of Islam.

Friday Prayers

Most Muslim men and women join the mosque on Friday afternoons for obligatory their prayers. Let your staff know you understand their necessities and agree on an extended lunch break and/or assign their Friday lunch breaks to suitable times. Most mosques conduct prayers at specific time.


Fasting takes places during the holy month of Ramadan. This holy month is very important for Muslims. This month changes from year to year by about ten days. The sincerer Muslims may also fast on Mondays and Thursdays throughout the year. Moreover, fasting includes self-restraint from food, drink, chewing and smoking from dawn till dusk. At dusk, Muslims usually break their fast with dates and water before proceeding to eat a meal. In the workplace this is good to be aware of staff who are fasting as this avoids potential offence if the staff member failures an invite to lunch or to some other function involving food.

Touch/Personal Space

There is a view among some Muslims that touching between men and women should be ignored. However, this is not common in the UK, as compared with the Gulf, you may irregularly come across Muslim men and women who do not like to shake hands with each other. If you are unsure, then it is advisable to wait and see if they extend their hands first.

Muslim men and women may also find close personal contact between sexes very painful and uncomfortable. Unless you know otherwise be sure to leave a good deal of personal space.

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