While you are visiting Cebu City and still has more time to spend, head over to Lapu-Lapu City and do the amazing Mactan Island Hopping. You will surely never regret for doing so! Island Hopping activity is so perfect to do in Mactan Island since it has so many beautiful neighboring islands. Here’s the list of islands near Mactan; Bagumbanwa Island, Hilutungan Island, Olango Island, Cabulan Island, Camungi Island, Pandanon Island, San Vicente Island, Caohagan Island, Magcalingao Island, Panganan Island, Coamen Island, Mocaboc Island, Sand Bar, Caubian Island, Nalusuan Island and Sulupa Island.

List of Islands you could visit:

Hilutongan Island – A 20 to 30 minutes away from Mactan Island and a perfect place to do scuba diving and snorkeling activities. You should never miss this island for your island hopping since this is the perfect place for every scuba diver alike.

Nalusuan Island - Nalusuan is actually a hectare long manmade island resort located in the Cebu Strait which is one of the islands included amongst the Olango Island Group found between Bohol and Mactan Island (part of Cebu). The area used to be a sandbar which later underwent land reclamation in order to build the Nalusuan Island Resort. Good for diving and snorkeling.

Caohagan Island - Caohagan is a small yet popular island-hopping destination which is also part of the Olango island chain. It is about 30 minutes away from Mactan. The island also boasts of a lush forest, marine life for snorkeling, and a lagoon with crystal clear water for swimming.

Sulpa Island – Is one of the six satellite islands of Olango Island Group. It is a privately-owned island but uninhabited by people. Sulpa Island is just a small island and perfect for family swimming and camping is allowed there. Not suitable for diving.

San Vicente Island - The entire island is an oasis, full of mangrove forests and a bird sanctuary. Perfect destination for snorkeling activity. You can see a lot of different species of fish and beautiful corals too.

Pandanon Island - Pandanon Island is famous for its long stretch of white sands, which is great for lazing around and sunbathing. Not far from the island edge is a long, narrow sandbar. The island is perfect for family swimming through its white sand beaches with shallow waters and cottages you can rent. A sand bar which extends to a nearby island is also an attraction along with local cogon grass products. Unlike other islands, Pandanon has no place for diving activities. Also make sure Pandanon is included on your Mactan Island Hopping itinerary so you won't miss such beautiful island in Mactan.

DIY Mactan Island Hopping Guide:

Just go to the port in Cordova Roro Port located in Cordova and look for an available boat to take you to your island-hopping adventure.

Boat for Rent Rates:

There are different sizes of boats available.
Medium Boat (Class A / 10 – 15 persons capacity) – P3,000 ($60)
Medium Boat (Class B / 10 – 15 persons capacity) – P2,700 ($54)
Medium Boat (20 persons capacity) – P3,500 ($70)
Large Boat (25 persons capacity) – P4,500 ($90)
Large Boat (30 persons capacity) – P5,500 ($110)

In the boat rental there’s 2 – 3 men included in the boat. They don’t serve as tour guides though, they’re just there to help you unload and load on the boat and get you to the island where you want to go. But you can ask your boatman about anything in regards with the islands since they have a little knowledge about the islands too.

Islands with entrance fees:

Gilutungan Island – P100/head or $2/head
Nalusuan Island – P200/head or $4/head
Caohagan Island – P200/head or $4/head
Sulpa Island – P100/head or $2/head
Olango Fish Sanctuary – P50/head or $1/head

If you wish to go to Pandanon Island you must add an additional fee of P700 ($14) on top of the boat rental for the additional gas going to the Pandanon Island (entrance fee: P150/head or $3/head)– the island is about an hour away from Mactan Island and it is already part of Bohol.

Bonus Tip: If you don’t want to step inside the island and just want to swim, you can just stay on the water and swim around and snorkel. You won’t be asked for an entrance fee by doing this, but once you step on the island, you must pay for the entrance fee.

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