Companies are constantly seeking the next new idea when it comes to marketing and sales. Fact is, some of the best strategies have been around for a long, long time. Take presentations – they have been a viable aspect of marketing for untold numbers of people. With the availability of technology, what was once a required a trainer to be on the road and physically in front of their audience, they can now use teleseminars to reach even more people. However, it takes more than simply talking on the phone. There are specific areas of importance you need to address in order to have a successful teleseminar. Have you avoided adding teleseminars to your marketing mix out of fear? Very few people are “born” presenters. Actually, outstanding presenters prepare and practice. Just about anybody can learn to present well. It has been said that the number one fear many people have is the fear of public speaking. I’m not sure how true that is, but I do know most people would be well served to develop their ability to present. The following are just a few guidelines that can move you in the right direction to be a persuasive presenter and teleseminar host. What the presenter needs to know * Who are you presenting for * What do you want to leave people with * When will you be presenting (Morning, afternoon or evening) * Why - Inform or persuade PROCESS OF PREPARATION All good presenters have a systematic method of preparation that guide them through the process. * Opening * Body * Close Identifying your main Point * What’s the one, single most important idea you want to get across? * What is the key piece of information you’ll be presenting? * What is the heart of your presentation? Who are you presenting for? * Men * Women * Young people * Management * Executives All this should be factored in as you prepare your presentation. What you would present to line staff will be very different than what you present to top-level executives. Bring it to life -Tell signature stories. These are your own personal experiences as they apply to the presentation you are making. * Funny episodes * Turning points * Successes * Failures * Meaningful Humor * Use humor only when appropriate. * Relate a humorous personal anecdote * Tell a joke. However, avoid ethnic, off-colored, religious or political jokes. Only tell a joke if it ties in with what you are presenting on. There are some people who have the ability to present with little or no rehearsal. Usually these individuals have been presenting for some time. The fact they have done this for some time is their practice. For most individuals it will be necessary to rehearse in order to come across smoothly and with confidence. It has been proven over and over that those people who can present their ideas well can open doors for themselves, while others are still knocking on the door. Regardless of your industry, what your product or service is, you will stand out from the competition when you know how to deliver a well-organized presentation. Presenting through teleseminars is one of the most effective marketing strategies you can use.

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