There has been so much hype about how easy things should be and that all we need do is visualize what we want and presto! it appears. Although I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction, there have been major misunderstandings of what the law is about. It is about visualization, focus, and commitment. A great many people take initiative regarding visualization, but one needs focus and commitment to see the law through to its rewards.

Another aspect of the Law of Attraction is getting out of your own way and allowing events to unfold as they will. In many cases the outcome appears in ways we least expect it to. If, in fact, you have said you want to do your life’s work in a big way, you must work for it.

Rules regarding how we express who we are have changed dramatically over the last few decades. In the past we had to wait for permission to express ourselves – at least that’s what we were led to believe. And believe this we did. Today, due to the outlets and avenues available (literally at our fingertips), we can express who we are, what our message is, and how we want to impact the lives of others in so many incredible ways. Our expression is limited only by our willingness to step up to the challenge.

You are limited only by your own limitations. The beauty of the tools we have available today is that anyone – yes anyone – can take massive action to get incredible results. You will experience the best results when you take a holistic approach to your business. For example, rather than classifying yourself as solely a consultant, why not think in terms of becoming an author, speaker, and mentor? By doing this you are more fully able to serve your market by packaging your information into a book that is easy to invest in and learn from. At the same time you help yourself as well. When you are a published author, you garner more respect because you are an expert who “wrote the book” on your topic. When you are viewed as an expert you are more in demand as a mentor and can command higher fees.

Today an expert can easily become an author and reach online bestseller status by way of strategic marketing and promotions. Experts can package their information into various types of products. It’s possible to reach a global market as long as they have a computer and internet access. Even senior citizens can begin their first business in their sixties, seventies, eighties – the sky’s the limit.

Jane Falke is a nutritionist whose passion is teaching others about eating whole, natural foods. Jane spent over twenty years studying food and nutrition from a natural perspective. People often asked her when she was going to put her knowledge into a book.

Not only did Jane have her first book published at the age of seventy-one, she also committed to learning as much as she could about reaching her market through online marketing. She is the first to admit that getting her book published and gaining an online presence wasn’t always a walk in the park, but it was worth it. Rather than being limited to sharing her message in her geographic region, she now has readers and clients around the globe.

If a woman in her seventies can get her first book to market and gain an online presence, don’t you think you can, too? Of course you can!

What’s your plan? What are you willing to do? What are you willing to add to the mix? What are you willing to let go of?

Once you figure this out and are willing to commit, amazing events will unfold.

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