It has been said that human beings are social creatures and this is something that is hard to deny. Not only do human beings need others in order to survive, they also need others in order to thrive.

Still, this doesn’t mean that every human being on this planet will be able to accept this, though. There are naturally going to be some people who say that they don’t need other people to handle life, and perhaps they could survive.

The Big Part

Yet, even if one was able to take care of their basic needs, what they would miss out on is human contact. In the short-term this might not be a problem, but as time went by, this would most likely have a negative impact on them.

The reason one can believe that they could handle life without this can be because they have more or less always had it. If they knew what life was like without it, they would probably have a different outlook.

Two Parts

With this in mind, there is going to be what someone is dependent on others for when it comes to their basic needs and there will be what they need others for when it comes to their higher needs. The ideal then, when it comes to living a fulfilling life, will be for someone to make sure that they don’t overlook their needs.

Once their basic needs are met and they have deeper connections with others, it will most likely allow them to live a life that is worth living. Having a sense of purpose is also going to be another important component.

A Number of Benefits

When one spends time around their close friends, it will have a positive effect on their whole system. Their being will most likely feel more at ease and their sense of self can end up being strengthened.

What this comes down to is that even though one may have the ability to regulate their own emotions, being around people like this also regulates their system. Through being in their presence, it can then feel like their system is being soothed and given what it needs.


The acknowledgement and positive feedback that they receive will be like food for their sense of self. So, just as their body will need food and water to be able to function, their sense of self will also need to be fed.

Like a plant without water, their sense of their self would gradually die without this feedback. If one finds this hard to believe, they only need to look into what happens to people who are put into solitary confinement.

Other Interactions

When one is at work or goes shopping, for instance, this will also play an important role in their overall health. There is less chance of them receiving the kind of feedback that they would receive from their friends or even their family, but their being can still be soothed and their sense of self can be strengthen.

If one has different hobbies that involve other people, this will be another part of their life that will have a positive impact on them. These can be things that allow them to feel competent, connected and part of something.

Time for Self

When they spend time by themselves, it will allow them to connect to who they are and to reflect on what has been going on. Thus, while spending time around others will be essential, it will be just as essential for them to spend time by themselves.

The amount of time that they need to spend around others and by themselves can depend on a number of different factors. There may be times when they need to spend more time by themselves and times when they need to spend more time around others.

Two Extremes

If someone was to lose the desire to spend time around others it would undoubtedly cause them problems. In the same way, if one was to lose the desire to spend time by themselves, it would also lead to problems.

When one no longer has the desire to spend time around others, it could show that they have recently lost a loved one. Due to the pain that they are in, they will just want to be by themselves.

A Lot to Handle

They could experience a deep sense of emptiness in their chest and a sinking feeling in their stomach; it could be as if these parts of them have retracted from life. At other times, they could be overwhelmed with sadness and grief, and they may feel as though their life no longer has any meaning.

The key will be for them to reach out for support and to work through the pain that they are in. Isolating themselves from others might feel comfortable, but it will only make things worse in the long-term.

Another Factor

What can also play a part here is that the pain that they are in might not only relate to what has recently taken place, it could go back even further. Their early years may have been a time when they experienced a lot of neglect, for instance.

This would have been a time in their life when they experienced loss on a regular basis, loading their chest up with grief and sadness in the process. What has taken place in their adult years will then have triggered the trauma that they experienced as a child.


Before they lost a loved one they might not have been aware of this pain but now that something has happened, it will have brought it up to the surface. There is also the chance that a breakup is what has triggered this pain.

If one can relate to this, and they are ready to change their life, they may need to reach out for external support. This is something that can take place with the assistance of a therapist or a healer.

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