When a patient is admitted in a drug detoxification unit, there may be several issues, life threatening or otherwise that crop up. The medical staff in charge of the facility is always in a state of high alert to prevent anything untoward happening. Here are some of the potential issues that may arise.

Violence: Some types of drugs can increase the violent behavior in users. People who abuse synthetic cathinones or bath salts are at increased risk of hurting themselves or others. To prevent this, the patient may be put in restraints or sedated in order to avoid any untoward incidents of violence. These measures only become necessary if the patient becomes physically aggressive and tries to harm staff members.

Symptoms of psychosis: The effect of certain drugs like cocaine may bring on a dangerous symptom called psychosis. If a person uses excessive amounts of cocaine they can become paranoid and also experience full blown psychosis. The symptoms of this condition include delusional thinking and auditory hallucinations. Other causes of psychosis include the presence of a co-occurring mental health disorder like schizophrenia or lack of sleep due to use of stimulants. Psychosis patients can behave erratically and exhibit unpredictable behavior. It is important that this issue is addressed and the patient treated before further interventions are considered.

Injury: It is very possible that when a patient comes to the facility for detoxification they might have hurt themselves under the influence of drugs. They might also be victims of assault before they enter detox. PCP for example is a powerful drug that brings on feelings of increased strength and invulnerability. Due to this notion PCP users are more likely to put themselves in harm’s way because they are under the impression that they won’t get hurt. They are also likely to attempt suicide, which leaves them injured and hurt if the suicide is not completed. Any physical injury must be treated first before treatment for addiction is offered.

Medical Illness: A lot of people who suffer from chronic pain may be prescribed opioid painkillers. Unfortunately it is possible to develop a dependence and addiction to these painkillers. As the patient begins to detox from the prescription opioid, the pain will return along with very uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. It becomes important to be aware of the patient’s medical history and treat the symptoms of pain in an accurate manner before proceeding with detox.

Drug detox is a complicated exercise and each patient responds differently to detox. If you are looking to undergo detox or if it is for a loved one Summer Sky can help. Look for medical detoxification, intensive outpatient, medical detoxification treatment or drug detoxification.

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