There are many benefits of feeling connected with the Divine. These benefits include--and are certainly not limited to--increased abundance, well-being, peace of mind, optimism, and/or faith.

You do not need to “set time aside” in your life to connect with God, although it’s great if you can. Many of the below suggestions can be done while you're driving, standing in line at the grocery store, waiting for somebody to join you for your next meeting, or while you are doing the laundry or the dishes.

Of course, these suggestions are provided only as a jumping-off point; allow them to fuel your own creativity. Do some experimenting, and discover what works best for you. Remember, the more you practice being with the Divine, the more accessible and the more “real” the Divine will feel to you.

TIP #1
Thank God for something you enjoy. You do not need to hold out for a special event or special occasion. Perhaps your car starts without a hitch, one of the flowers in your yard is especially beautiful right now, or you enjoy the power and the relief of a thunderstorm on a sweltering day. Perhaps you see for a moment the unconditional love in your dog's eyes, or you suddenly see your child in a completely different way. Express your gratitude to the Divine in a way that feels good for you.

TIP #2
Tell God how you are feeling throughout the day or simply about one specific issue. No need to tell God what you want to feel, instead tell God what you are feeling right now (for example, jealous) and how you feel about feeling that way (for example, ashamed of yourself.)

TIP #3
Love and appreciate your body for everything--or for one thing--that it does for you so loyally and so wonderfully.

TIP #4
Recall a time when it was indisputable to you that you received the Grace of God. (For instance, a quick example in my life was when my car spun out many years ago on the 118 freeway in Southern California. This normally-heavily-traveled artery mysteriously cleared completely while I lost control of my car, did a 360, and then went “merrily” on my way!)

Remember how you felt as you received God’s Grace in a big way (or see how you feel about it now in hindsight). Remind yourself that this Presence may not always be this visible to you, but that it is always with you. Take a breath and just let that sink in.

TIP #5
Breathe with the Divine. Being conscious of your breath as a gift from the Divine can help you feel connected immediately. Recognizing that you are breathing the same air everyone else is also helps you remember how connected we all are.

TIP #6
Practice accepting yourself as you are in this moment. Your mind will try to take you everywhere but this moment, but simply choose to stay in the present moment and just accept what is. After all…it is! On the surface, this may not seem very profound, but releasing your resistance to yourself holds profound benefits for you.

TIP #7
Tell God what you're doing. Ask what God is doing, and be attentive. Will you see the answer? Hear it? Feel it? Anything’s possible.

TIP #8
Look within, even if for just a few moments. Feel the Divine within your own heartbeat. Remember that you are not trying to connect with something that is separate from you. You are simply allowing yourself to feel what already lives within you.

TIP #9
Enjoy the beauty of nature. Feel it in your body.

Tip #10
Ask God a question relevant to what is currently going on in your life, and expect to receive the answer. In the beginning, it might be easier for you to ask simpler questions rather than “what is the meaning of my life” type questions.

Gradually establish a rapport with the Divine, and you’ll steadily increase your faith in your ability to connect with the Divine!

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Arleen Hannich, MA, is a Spiritual Facilitator. She provides Divine Presence, Inspirational Messages From Spirit, and the Oneness Blessing to individuals worldwide who wish to live authentically and joyfully. To receive her Free Ezine "The Divine Connection" and her Free Guide "Feel Your Emotions and Create a Life You Love," visit her website at

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