Your focus determines your reality; your focus is determined by your beliefs and your point of view (perspective). We are a sum of all our experiences to date as each experience causes the formation of thoughts and beliefs. Some of our beliefs we are very aware of; others influence our lives and decisions without our conscious awareness of them. Yet, both the conscious and the unconscious beliefs influence our health and our livelihood.

In Homeopathy, one of the most important areas a Homeopath looks at to determine a remedy is a person’s beliefs, as the ways a person reacts to his/her world is determined by those beliefs. For example, if you believe that the forest is filled with bugs that cause disease, you begin to fear the forest and thus will not set foot in it. You might tell people you are afraid of the forest, but that fear stems from a belief, as you cannot have a fear without a reason behind it. It is quite possible for you have no clue why you believe there are diseases caused by bugs in the forest; yet your actions and decisions have been influenced by that belief. You may even teach your child based on this belief, leading to the child to form the same beliefs and thoughts about bugs.

Illusions vs. Delusions

When a person’s thoughts or beliefs can be changed by a person making them aware of the truth, then the belief has little hold on the person. These kinds of beliefs are called “Illusions.” For example, you may strongly belief that the water on the stove is hot. But if a person proves to you that it is not hot, you will alter your belief based on the facts presented.

For the most part, Illusions do not wreak havoc on the health of a person as much as “Delusions.” A Delusion is also a belief; but these beliefs are not influenced by the truth. Using the example of bugs in the forest, your beliefs will not likely change even if you read an article that disproves this belief or if a friend tells you that you are wrong in your assumptions. You will still probably avoid the woods for fear of getting a disease from the bugs that live in the forest.

Unfortunately, it is often the Delusions that are the catalyst to the formation of a disease. Staying out of the forest because of a fear of bugs may not cause too many health problems, but what about a Delusion such as the belief that you are not good enough and will never be good enough? Such beliefs often cause a person a LOT of stress, as he often works many hours, develops the attitude of a perfectionist, and can become very depressed and anxious.

How Delusions Develop

Most Delusions develop from experiences. Children often make assumptions and develop beliefs about the world as they grow in awareness of the world. These beliefs grow into facts in a child’s mind unless other beliefs challenge those early beliefs. For example, if a child hears parents yelling, he then learns that yelling is the way to deal with conflicts or difficult situations; or he may learn that all couple’s yell and that it is OK to yell at others.

Media is a major influence in the development of Delusions. Too often TV and movies glamorize violence and rape, and teach that killing and/or fighting are the only ways to solve problems. Another major influential agent to the development of Delusions is the medical community and their ads. Children are taught that a pill is required whenever something doesn’t feel right.

But the main contributor to the development of Delusions is the guidance from authority figures (parents, teachers, friends, other siblings). As mentioned earlier, if a child is taught that no matter what he does, he will not be good enough to earn the parent’s respect or admiration, the child develops the Delusion of not being good enough, so he works very hard to try to earn the admiration of the parents, and then the teachers, and then the significant other, and later, the boss or supervisor. Still, no matter what the child does, even if he gets all A’s on the report card, he believes it will still not be good enough.

Parental up-bringing is KEY to helping a child have a balanced mental well-being.

I want to add here another key way adults can develop Delusions—something somewhat new: there are some “counselors” who believe that all people are born with Delusions already in place, that the newborn’s soul or spirit is here to learn a lesson of some kind, such as the child needs to learn to develop a deep, meaningful relationship somewhere in the future, and that all events that occur in that child’s life from birth to death are to help that child grow to learn that lesson he came here to learn.

With this belief, everything that happens in that child’s life is the best thing for that child, so the child should be happy with EVERYTHING that happens as it is for his/her own good—in the long run anyway.

Although there is quite a following of this belief, this kind of thinking can be dangerous, as the person begins to blame themselves for everything that happens—in essence, creating a deep Delusion that eats away at the person’s soul. For example, if as a child a person had been abused or abandoned, the adult would have to look at things and say “Well, I chose those parents, so it must be good for me to have been abused or to have been abandoned.” Too many people have suffered because they were taught to believe they were abused because they wanted to be (as they needed to be abused for their “highest good”)—too many times it has led to severe emotional or mental disturbances, even to suicidal ideation or actual suicide.

If you are being counseled by a person who promotes this kind of reasoning and teaching, I strongly urge you to find another counselor; I believe you’ll heal faster and won’t suffer the emotional devastation that often occurs with this line of counseling.

How Delusions Influence Disease Formation

Let’s look at the Homeopathic Remedy Aurum metallicum (otherwise known as “Gold”). Aurum is one of those deep-healing remedies; a person rarely needs this remedy unless they are an adult and have deep Delusions that have influenced their health for a long time, so it’s a good one to use for this example.

Over the years, the Aurum person has learned that he has a lot of responsibility and must appear to have all the answers or the skills, kind of like a king. He has to make a lot of decisions and be better than everyone else or he’ll lose his place in the world (his “throne”). So, on the outside, the king (Aurum) appears to be intelligent, capable, a hard-worker, and having no troubles.

But on the “inside,” things are a different matter. Since he is in a place of power (even if the place of power is only in his mind), he feels he is going to be attacked or dethroned, so he has a lot of fears surrounding these beliefs.

Therefore, people who respond well to Aurum metallicum tend to always be on guard, always watchful to see who is going to dethrone them. They are afraid of anyone who appears to be more intelligent or on the rise to a higher place than them. They are also workaholics and have many fears about the future and money, including fears that they cannot succeed and are doomed to failure. And, as they must appear to be intelligent and capable, they HATE contradiction—and they can become VERY angry and even violent at the slightest contradiction.

So how do the Aurum’s Delusions lead to the formation of disease? In a study of heart disease, it was found that those with the most blockages of the heart (coronary) arteries were those who had the Delusions of Aurum , as well as those who were quick to anger and were “set off” by the smallest thing. In fact, the leading cause of heart disease and heart attack in most people is….those who were quick to anger (and also kept that anger in). This is part of the reason why those with the best diets and who exercise often still develop heart disease—the diet and exercise are only a small part of the problem; the Delusions are the main reason.

Most people with advanced heart disease or who have had repeated heart attacks respond very well to Aurum metallicum.

Freedom from Delusions

Mental-health counseling (with the right practitioner) does help people “manage” their Delusions. But Homeopathy can help a person remove those Delusions, clearing away the fog of untrue assumptions so the person can see things clearly. Even in those who are unaware of how their Delusions are influencing their health, Homeopathy can still remove the impact of the Delusions.

When it’s time to heal, call a Classical Homeopath!

Best wishes,

Dr. Ronda

Disclaimer: The information provided by Dr. Ronda Behnke Theys is for educational purposes only. It is important that you not make health decisions or stop any medication without first consulting your personal physician or health care provider.

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