"In the world of getting what you want, what is the first step?" I recently asked this question to a group of people I was speaking to recently and you would be surprised what they came up with. The example I used was, "Let's say you want to buy a car. What is the beginning?" Here are some answers:

•"You start comparing prices!"
•"You read the newspaper!"
•"You ask friends if they are selling!"
•"You research the best cars!"
•"You ask your wife!"

Now I personally preferred the last answer, but I had to admit that it wasn't where I was going with this. The true answer is that all of these are part of the buying process but they aren't where it all starts. The real answer when you break it all down is that it all starts with a THOUGHT. Yes- one simple thought. There had to be some point where it occurred to you that you either needed or wanted a new car. Next all the above shouted comments come into play...sure you do research. Yes, you comparison shop. Of course you ask around and read papers. And- yes you consult the wife too! It's normal to start this process, but the beginning of it all was that first thought.

This is a simple example of how thoughts get everything rolling, but what about bigger decisions? Buying a house? Changing a career? Finding a life partner? Where do these all start? The answer is: the same place- with one inspired thought. It may seem fundamental, but breaking it down to that one thought is key. The reason is because if what we want comes from our "thought", then what we don't want most ikely comes from....you guessed it... our "thought." Consider how you think throughout the day. Pay attention to what your thoughts are focused on. Most likely that is what your life reflects. Remember that it all starts with your thoughts so if there is something you aren't happy with, change your thoughts on it. Let's say you don't like your job. Instead of complaining about how much you hate it and listing the reasons why in your head over and over again, change it through your thoughts. Think of what your prefect job is. Decide what you want. Get that thought rolling and send it out to the Universe. Then do some inspired action around it. The newspaper comes on Sunday, so read it. See if there is anything that strikes you. Do a casual search online to find something like your perfect job. You will be surprised at how easy it is to change your life, but it all starts with that thought. Don't let your thoughts rule you, rather take control of them. Focus them and then enjoy.

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Anya Dee is a Chicago writer with experience in the field of self-help. Her goal is to bring the best and most comprehensive resources and tools to the market. Visit her at http://www.MyCoachAnya.com for more information.