I was having a chat with a lady in the gym recently. She was “starting back” (AGAIN). I said “how’s the training going?” She said “its ok at the minute, but ask me again in a couple of weeks”. I said, “Why, what do you mean?” She said “every time I try to get fit and lose some weight, I do really well for a few weeks and then I usually get ill”

This is something which is VERY common. So as always I thought I would share some practical advice to make your life a bit easier.

Here is the scenario…

You are all “ready and motivated” go on a stint of healthy eating AND exercise. You do well for a few weeks, even a month or more, then you get ill. You take a week or two off, sometimes longer and before you know it you are having to START FROM SCRATCH AGAIN.

Sound familiar? Do you want to know why this happens?

Let me explain… Firstly and most importantly I would never criticise someone who has made the effort to stick to a regime for ANY period of time. That shows a desire to change and you can't do much without that, but getting fit and healthy is not as straight forward as most people think.

Otherwise more people would be in shape right? You have to do things in the right order to get long lasting success. You need to point that enthusiasm of yours in the right direction. Just like when you build a house, if you get the order of events wrong then you are in trouble further down the line.

If your not healthy enough strict dieting AND intense exercise will make you ill, you have to reclaim your HEALTH first(via sleep, reducing stress, not drinking like a fish, eating better)then get fit AFTER that.

People naturally associate losing weight with exercise AND dieting and they combine the two together for maximum results, which is kinda right, but not right if you’re a BEGINNER. Diet AND exercise combined just burns you out and puts extra STRESS on your body. YES exercise CAN actually be a stressor for the body AND make your immune system PLUMMET, that’s the reason the lady gets ill EVERYTIME she goes on a diet and exercises.

Her immune system can’t take it just yet, she “runs herself down” by restricting her food and doing the exercise. She should just start a bit slower (not to say it wont happen sometimes anyway but hopefully a bit further down the line). She should NOT try to do it all in the first month, she should stick to healthy eating at first.

The message today is to make sure you don’t go like a bull at a gate. Take your energy and enthusiasm you have to do exercise and put it into learning how to make some CLEAN & tasty recipes, like these here. If you are serious about change and are in it for the LONG HAUL, it's always worth taking some time to get HEALTHIER first.

Take care,


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