Have you ever found yourself faced with some new insights in your life, or a new theme in your life or just found yourself struggling?

We all have, and I'm no different. Several months ago, I was struggling - going through a difficult time in my life, as many of us do at times - when a good friend of mine said if you ever feel like you have to fight, then it’s the wrong situation because life should never be about fighting, forcing or struggling. Instead, things in your life should just flow.

This may be a new analogy and even a challenge for you to consider, but what would happen if you stopped white-knuckling the steering wheel of life all the time?

Imagine driving in your car, your truck, or whatever you drive, and you have your hands at the 10:00 and 2:00 positions, or the 9:00 and 3:00 position, depending on the school of driving you went to, and you’ve got your fingers wrapped so firmly around the steering wheel that your knuckles have gone white. You’re fighting with the wheel, struggling to maintain your grip, but you can’t let go - just like in your life, just like in your business - you’re forcing and pushing for control.

In business, just as in life, very rarely can you have total control of every aspect. So, the challenge is to stop white-knuckling the steering wheel of your life and your business.

Instead, try opening your hands and hold things loosely.

When you loosen your grip, when you stop fighting the wheel and the direction you’re going and you stop trying to control every aspect of it, you begin to see changes in your life and your business.

It’s amazing the changes you’ll see when you hold things loosely, because it truly doesn’t have to be so hard. Your grip on the wheel, your business and your life doesn’t have to be as hard as it might feel right now.

Once you adopt this new philosophy you’ll find things in your life get easier. Your life will go from being hard and full of struggle to having an all new flow. A flow filled with ease and grace that will change your perspective on almost everything.

It doesn’t have to be so hard.

Stop pushing to make everything happen in your world and let things come to you more. You’ll find when you do this almost everything looks a little different to you – that will include your business and the rest of your life too.

Author's Bio: 

Diane Conklin is an author, entrepreneur, coach, consultant, event planner, speaker and copywriter. Diane is a direct response marketing expert who specializes in showing small business owners how to integrate their online and offline marketing strategies, media and methods, to get maximum results from their marketing dollars. Diane also shows entrepreneurs and small business owners how to outperform their competition by measuring their marketing, and strategically use multi-media campaigns to stand alone in their marketplace as the go-to provider for their products and services.

She is the co-founder of Complete Marketing Systems and for more than 15 years has been showing small business owners how to start, build and grow Information Marketing businesses where they take knowledge they already possess and turn it into passive, ongoing, leveraged profits.

Through her company, Complete Marketing Systems, Diane helps event promoters market, plan and manage their live events, workshops and seminars, using cost effective, multi-step marketing strategies that put butts in seats, without the promoters losing theirs. As an Event Marketing & Planning expert, Diane has planned and produced multiple events grossing over $1,000,000.00.

As a business and marketing strategist, Diane has been involved in numerous campaigns grossing over $1,000,000.00 in sales several times in her career.

Diane has proprietary home study systems, coaching programs, and provides done-for-you services in the areas of Social Media, Information Marketing, Direct Response Marketing, Direct Mail and Event Marketing, Planning and Management.

As a speaker, Diane has shared the stage with the likes of Joan Rivers, George Foreman, Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, Lee Milteer, Harry Dent, Lee Phillips, Fabienne Fredrickson, James Malinchak, Dov Baron, Peggy McColl, Marshall Sylver, Alex Mandossian, Marie Forleo, Barbara Corcoran and many others.

Diane was voted Information Marketer of the Year for her innovative marketing strategies and campaigns.