Being the owner of several article directories it never ceases to amaze me why numerous articles are submitted which will never get accepted. The various authors obviously spend a lot of their time writing these articles, presumably for the reason where they want to have them published, so why not go the full way…. and ensure that they get published and stay published?

We receive a huge number of new articles daily, so why would we publish those authors that don’t follow a few simple rules?

This is a list of various explanations as to why we do not publish an article. Articles that make the following blunders will all be deleted by article directory owners.

No Full authors name:

An easy request to have the authors name often results with the author just using initials, their company name, or even a mix of both. How many times do you think we see the word “Webmaster" for the authors name. We need a name which we can associate with the article, and it has to be an article that you have written, or has been written exclusively for you personally!

Misspelling within the title: (Check your title!)

The title of an article is very important; it is how the large Search Engines like Google locate the article. Placing a badly spelt article title does nobody any good. Make sure that the title makes sense and is written in English.

Duplicate titles:

Get yourself a “unique” title! Do not copy someone else’s title, or change the words around. Make the title unique to you! It is possible to check it with Google once you have considered it by going to their Search area and searching like this, “My New Article Title”. If other articles have already got that title then think about something different.

Duplicated and badly spelt content:

Do not just change the title, and then use identical content inside. This is really a definite way of having all of your articles deleted…. even the best articles will get deleted. It truly is so easy with auto spell checkers to check that your article has all of the correct spelling. Spend a little time doing this, again if you don't, your article will get deleted.

Short articles:

An article must be informative to anyone who is reading it, and normally it would amount to around 500 words or more. A common mistake that we find is that numerous authors submit an article with too few words in it. Insure that it is informative and donot repeat your self.

Inserting links in the wrong areas:

Most article directories let you know where you can place links, and how many you can insert. Normally, these need to be placed in a place that has been specifically designed for you the Author. It is normally called the resourse box. It may be called the Authors Box etc. This is where we want you to write something about yourself, your website/s, and this is where you enter the link to your sites. Our directories allow up to three links here. Do not put links in either the Title of the Article, the Summary of your Article, or the Body of the Article.

Selecting wrong categories:

Selecting the wrong category for your article…. means that you really should not have bothered to write it! If you are looking for visitors to your site about a “Home Business” then it will do you no good at all if it is listed under the category “Home Improvements” or some other category which has nothing do with what your article is about. Do not just pick the correct category, but also pick the the right Sub-Category! The more specific you are with your articles, as well as the categories that you use, the higher chance you have of your articles being found.

Links must relate to your content:

If the links that you insert into the Authors resource box are about “Travel” then ensure that your article is about “Travel”, and not to a site which is completely un-related.

Mass submissions of the same or similar articles:

It is quite a common mistake to take an article and “Spin it”! What this is “supposed” to do is usually to enable you to submit multiple articles, all slightly different. I agree, it does change the article in a small way. However, we will delete any articles that we receive which we consider to have been “spun” in this way. We feel that it serves no useful purpose to anyone to have a lot of copies of the same or “similar” articles published.

Sending an advert, not an article:

If you want to advertise your company, or your website, then write a fascinating Article that other readers will find either enjoyable or can learn from. Don’t send an Advertisement for your company or website! Sending in something like “Buy A Honda Car From Essex Motors”, will result in getting it deleted. However, if you write something interesting about the Honda Car, after which you can add your details, website etc. in the Resource Box, it will not be deleted.

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I have been heavily involved in the property business for over twenty years. My work ranges from gardening, electrics and diy. Gasically I can turn my hand to pretty much anything.