Emergencies do not just happen at home. You can have an accident or injury anywhere, including at work, where you require some first aid treatment. This means just as you likely have some supplies at home so it is important for your work to have easy-to-access first aid kits too. First aid kit for workplace purposes is the responsibility of any employer in case of times when someone trips, cuts themselves, gets banged up, burns themselves or has any other kind of accident that is possible at work. Some workplaces are more dangerous than others and the kind of kits kept at work should reflect that. First aid is not just about putting on a bandage, it is also about having the gear and the knowledge that could actually save lives.

Have trained personnel

It is also important to also have people who are trained in how to respond when there is an accident or emergency. That includes having access to a well-stocked first aid kit that is not locked away. When something happens the kit needs to be easy to get to and grab and use. It should be well maintained and that is most often the job of the person who is also trained in first aid. It should be in a container that is easy to open. There is no point in having the first aid kit for work padlocked and then it takes a long time to get into! Or even worse no one can even remember where the key is. In an emergency situation each second counts.

The contents of the first aid kit

A first aid kit for workplace needs should contain some basics, gauze, bandages, antiseptic wipes, adhesive tape, scissors, alcohol, a first aid book, antibiotic cream, gloves, mask, tweezers, thermometer, burn treatment, safety pins, cold packs, foil blanket, a mouthpiece for CPR and CPR instructions. There may be more things you choose to keep in the kit, and there may be some things that are needed because of the type of workplace it is. It is important that people know what is in the kit and that it is placed somewhere out of reach of children if there are any on-site, but somewhere easy to get to and not locked up. Having to unlock the kit will take up precious time.

Having a work kit in trucks and vans

If you have employees, or you are an employee who uses work vans and trucks then you also need a first aid kit for work in those vehicles. If there is frequent travel to and from the main workplace, or the job involves travelling, then you need an emergency kit that you can access it in case of an accident, a breakdown, getting lost and so on. With the kit, you should have some snacks and water, and it is a good idea to have an emergency foil blanket as well. A torch is also useful as is a hammer for breaking the glass in the car just in case.






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