Let’s be clear…

Some days as you pursue your goals, you will feel delusional…

You look at those big goals of yours and you look at the people around you scurrying around doing what they always do and there you are, thinking big thoughts about how you are going to make millions and how you are going to serve all these people…

And you feel DELUSIONAL!

And in fact, when you tell people about your big ideas and how you feel this call on your life to do this BIG thing, they may even tell you to get your ego in check and go settle down into the job that is kinda boring to you…

And yet, can I ask you a question?

So what?

No leader did anything major by thinking small.

And neither will you.

I mean, just think about it – There is a story of a carpenter who suddenly walked into one of the major temples in his day and walked up to the front, picked out a portion of the sacred text talking about the messiah and then BOLDLY declared to everyone that HE was the person that the sacred text was pointing to.

Imagine the confidence you would have to have in order to do that.

And in fact, a lot of the people in the temple tried to push this dude off the cliff because he had dared to be so bold…


And now many, many have come to KNOW as well…

You hear the name ‘Jesus’ recently? Yep that is how he launched himself. Whether you believe in him or get angry at the deeds of his followers, it is difficult not to have heard the name at all and this is like 2000 years later…

He claimed his spot.

Same with any leader in any sphere of life…

They are cocky, slightly delusional and seemingly completely confident with it.

And so you may look at them and think they have something you don’t.

Maybe they do… NOW…

But when they started, they took a step of faith that the ideas in their heads were actually possible. Like you, they figured out that they were called to something amazing…

Like you, the people around them may have thought they were getting too big for their boots…

And hopefully like you are about to do, they took steps forward anyway.

They saw the vision and decided it was worth going after.

Have you decided yet?

Yes, you may get these pictures in your head of how awesome life could be…

Yes, you may see visions of the people you are called to serve with your music, books, products, services, ministry…

But if it just stays as some vision in your head because you keep thinking it is all too big for you to handle, then it never becomes a reality.

The vision that was given to inspire you to action becomes the thing that eats you up inside. You become bitter and resentful and passive.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick!

OK, let me be very clear – To do anything minor or major on this planet, you have to actually believe in yourself before anyone else will believe in you.

Without that self-belief, without that declaration that you are going to do what you are called to do, then you will not take action and the vision becomes an unfulfilled dream.

Imagine, Mandela had just dreamt about freedom for his people and then done nothing to make it so?

Imagine Richard Branson had looked at his big vision of owning the airline and thought that it was too big for little old him – Would Virgin even exist?

Imagine TD Jakes or Joel Osteen Or Wayne Dyer had looked at their vision of impacting millions and thought “That is too big for me! I must be deluded!” And then taken no action – Would they be impacting anyone? Would their books be in the world?

Imagine, imagine, IMAGINE!

So, yes, you may feel deluded when you look at your big idea and you may be tempted to make it smaller in order to feel a little more in control of it but all that does is ASSURE you that you will never create the big idea in the flesh – it will remain a figment of your over-inflated imagination!

It does not have to be that…

Your visions are given to you to FULFILL!

They are not there to taunt you.

They are yours to step into, if you choose.

Do you choose?

Most big impact goals need you to do 3 things consistently…

Gather an Audience – See how Jesus went to the temple where his people were hanging out and announced himself – YEP, that was gathering an audience.
Have a way of staying in touch with them – We are very blessed to have access to lots of tech that makes this process easy – USE IT!
Ask for the sale – What is it you are offering to help them with? Offer it and ask your audience to invest in it. Help them see why it is to their advantage to take the next step with you. Even if what you are offering is free, it costs in time and attention so you have to tell people why it will help them.

How are you doing this daily?

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live.

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