On this good Doctors website we find an article titled 'Aluminum in Vaccines Cause Autism - Disaster Medicine in America’ explaining why he is against vaccines.
‘Aluminum in Vaccines Cause Autism - Disaster Medicine in America’The most alarming public health issue is the relentless increasing autism epidemic. New Jersey reports 1 in 34 children, and about 5 percent of Eight-Year-Old boys affected as of 2014. If this rate continues, half of all children born in 2025 will be autistic according to Stephanie Seneff PhD.

What is Causing the Epidemic? Our government health agencies, academic medicine and public health institutions have been silent on this question of what is causing the autism epidemic. They merely shrug their shoulders and say “We don’t know” quickly adding, “It is certainly not vaccines“
It IS the Vaccines. We now have 5 years of medical research, mostly from outside the United States, incriminating aluminum adjuvants in vaccines as the SOLE cause of autism epidemic. JB Handley does a nice job laying out the argument and summarizing this research. He uses the web site, Vaccine Papers, as a good source for the documentation. Many others have raised the red flag on aluminum adjuvants.

Revelations about aluminum neuro-toxicity have been made even more urgent by the findings of Dr Christpher Exley who found extremely high aluminum content in post mortem brains of autistic individuals.

Plausible mechanism has been discovered. Aluminum at the vaccine injection site is taken up by macrophages which travel to the brain causing micro-glial activation, inflammation and immune activation with increased IL-6 cytokine levels, and impaired neuro development, leading to many of the symptoms of autism in animal models.

Using aluminum in the placebo the “authorities” have told us repeatedly that vaccines are safe, and the science is settled. You might then ask the obvious question “Where is the data on studies showing the safety of vaccine aluminum adjuvants?” The correct answer is: “There are no suitable safety studies.” The FDA merely assumed aluminum adjuvants to be safe. It appears the FDA is very good at assuming things.

Another outrageous gimmick is the use of aluminum adjuvants in the placebos used in trials for FDA approval. In these studies, half the patients are injected with the vaccine and the other half are injected with placebo, and the number of adverse reactions are reported. A placebo should contain inert sugar water, not an immunotoxic aluminum adjuvant. This simple ploy allows the immunotoxicity of the aluminum adjuvant to be ignored.

The increasing epidemic of autism in children is the new American Disaster. The “authorities”, the medical societies, the government and the drug makers, are in denial and are dragging their feet because of the huge amounts of money at stake. The truth is that our increasing numbers of vaccines, many of which contain aluminum adjuvants and mercury preservatives are creating the autism epidemic and the American Disaster.

Conclusion: Recent medical research makes a strong case for neuro-toxicity of aluminum adjuvants as the cause of our autism epidemic, the new American Disaster. The din of silence in the media has been quite remarkable. Nothing will change unless you get involved and bring about change. Print out this article and send it to all your friends, congressmen, doctors, and family members. It is time for the din of silence to become a deafening roar that cannot be ignored”


‘Aluminum in Vaccines Cause Autism - Disaster Medicine in America’ by Jeffrey Dach, MD. https://jeffreydachmd.com/2018/07/aluminum-in-vaccines-cause-autism (as accessed 22 Nov 2018).

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