A few years ago, I could see that I found it hard to stand my ground and to assert myself. But even though I could see that this was a problem for me, I wasn’t sure about what I could do to change this.

And although part of me had had enough of experiencing life in this way, another part of me felt comfortable with how I was experiencing life. Still, I did what I could to find a way to change my life.

The First Step

I could see that I had trouble when it came to boundaries, and this meant that I looked into what could do to improve them. This wasn’t anything new, though, as I had looked into this area before.

I ended up getting in touch with a healer called Ben Ralston and we started to work through the layers of trauma that I was carrying. When we were looking into why found it hard to stand my ground, he motioned something I hadn’t heard of before.

A Powerful Force

During this time, he spoke about what he called the “fight instinct” and this was the part of us that is there to ensure our own survival. It was there to keep us alive and to alert us to when we were being treated badly.

He said that so many people had lost touch with this instinct and this was then partly why the world was the way it was. Therefore, although it was called the fight instinct, it had nothing to do with starting fights or killing people.

A Different Energy

This was an instinct that someone needed to be in touch with in order to look after themselves and to make the world a better place. Through being connected to this instinct, someone would be able to assert themselves and stand up against the injustices of the world.

I thought that this instinct sounded incredibly important and I wasn’t surprised that I had suffered due to not having a strong connection to it. As time passed, I gradually become more connected to my fight instinct.

In Balance

I came to see that not only was Ben connected to his heart; he was also in touch with his primal nature. Unlike some spiritual teachers out there, he was aware of how important this side was.

And, as I become more balanced, it was a lot easier for me to stand my ground and to pay attention to my own needs. Pleasing others was not something that appealed to me like before.

A Vital Part

If I had developed a strong connection to this instinct when I was younger, there is no doubt that my experiences on this earth would have been very different up until this point. It is highly likely that I would never have learnt about this instinct either.

To find out more about Ben, and the services that he offers, please go to – www.benralston.org.

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