One of the most fascinating lies we tell ourselves is if we believe something to be true, right or so, it must be. The fact is, much of what we try to convince ourselves and others as true is often a matter of judgment based on ego. If something is happening that we simply don’t approve of, then obviously it is wrong. Or so the thinking for many people goes. Upon further investigation we may find out that what we believed to be true and right is simply our inflated ego trying to keep us in a state of, “Imagined superiority.” It is likely that not a day goes by for most humans where they judge something based on their own opinions, tastes, prejudices, likes and dislikes. These judgments could be the way someone dresses, the religion they subscribe to, the lifestyle they live, the color of their skin, their level of education…the list goes on and on. Most arguments are based on judgment: My way is better than your way. My belief is better than your belief. My religion is better than your religion. My life experience is better than your life experience. The list goes on and on. If you don’t think you judge others, take this simple test. Notice the self talk you have about any given situation you are in. Is it such that you say, “Hmmm, how could they dress like that? I would never do that.” Or “Look at their yard; don’t they care enough to trim the hedges?” Could it be they don’t have disposable income to buy new cloths? Could it be that there might be a sick family member that requires their attention more than the hedges? Could it be in our judgment we are being called to go deeper to the space of compassion, acceptance and love? Just because we believe something to be true for us does not mean it is true for others. Imagine how utterly boring life would be if we all thought, dressed, believed and behaved alike. I seriously doubt anyone will ever reach a place of complete non-judgment. However, it is in the awareness of our judgment we are in a position to transform judgment into love.

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