Every day the Media is teaching us about things that are most important if we want to stay healthy. We all know that fast food, French fries, pizza, caloric cakes are so tasty but as well we all know what these things could cause to our organism. To avoid damage that wrong food can do to us, here are some low fat cooking tips which could cause vital changes in our lives, if we incorporate them into our daily lifestyle.

First let’s begin with the fats. Important thing to know is that all fats are not equal. Saturated fats and past hydrogenated trans-fatty acids are ones that should be avoided. In saturated fats among other things are listed lard, red meat and butter, and past hydrogenated trans-fatty acids you can find in every day food like French fries and dough nuts.

Ideal fats include mono unsaturated and poly unsaturated fats and they can be found in nuts and vegetable oils like olive, safflower, corn and soy. Also should be listed healthy food articles which include Omega 3 fatty Acids. They can be found in seafood, flax seed and cod liver oil.

Saturated fats can be replaced with healthier options such as margarine or unsaturated vegetable oils.

Use cooking sprays instead of oil

Vegetables should be steamed in a steamer or microwave

Instead of frying, integrate boiling and broiling in you cooking

Consume lean meat and crop visible fat

Instead of creamy sauces use vegetable puree sauces as a addition to the meat

Stay away from use of canned and dried soups because they are high in salt and preservatives. Stir fry vegetables in homemade broth

Dressing for salad should be also homemade

If you feel a lack of flavour, add herbs and spices to your cooking

Use fat-free milk instead of whole milk and low-fat cottage cheese or low fat yogurt instead of cream

It is useful to read food labels, to check the caloric value and the percentage of fat

Good quality cookware is also important because they can keep oil usage to the minimum. Do not go overboard on greasing baking dishes. Use non-stick baking paper or grease lightly.

First it may be difficult to accustom, but with time, just like the cooking games, you will acquire every level of this kind of cooking and at the end you will enjoy better life.

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