The steps taken by Kerala to control the spread of the Covid-19 virus are exemplary in the world. Covid-19 has been entrusted with the wealth structure of Kerala, The impact is huge. It's time to inspire state of affairs with our own ways highest economic development in the state without any investment from the Government, great economic growth of Kerala the proposed alternatives are presented here.
Comprehensive second tourism revolution
Kerala can be awakened by a second tourism revolution through economic growth by tourism and its related industries no other Indian state can give this much of travel experience and feelings got from other states. Traditional art is formulated, rural imaginations(trenching toddy from coconut tree, farming) tasting local food dishes, craftsmen & Traditional industries such as coir and cashew nut factories, Ayurveda are all about revenue generation. High economic potential entrepreneurs should come up & develop this new business ventures to provide comprehensive services, products to satisfy the needs of the traveler as well as to serve the diverse needs by the retail business men focus the tourism areas.
Sustainable Tourism
When the tourist leaving the state after they visited, the enjoy the beautiful, relaxing the particular tourism places has to make their travel pictures make an album for their memorable experience this album can be another kind of merchandising about our states to bring new travelers to arrive the state this kind of packages should add and market the packages in different countries through by Kerala tourism Department through from the official website. The environment should be ecofriendly and user friendly Hotel rooms, House boats, Restaurants , Beaches , Parks as well as taxi, tourist bus these places should offer unpreserved food & beverages should be available this could be included with the trained local people like from village ,farm, estates travelers should provide an opportunity to visit and enjoy how the process of farming of fish, spices, tea & organic products also the travelers let them experience by rural imagination, craftsmen from those service providers
How to Campaign the Resources
Our State own celebrations & festivals are Cochin Muziris biennale, Nehru Trophy Boat race,Thrisur pooram ,and Fort Cochin’s spectacular New Year celebration. With these existing festival Kerala can market the tour & travel packages .Exhibit the prawn & fish farming , and its catchings in a traditional way ,its regional cuisines, ingredients as well as exhibit traditional way of cashew nut processing, coir making, etc . Saefood should be developed into the state’s own brand and exported.
Best Education Centers in Hospitality / Hotel management
State already has many hotel management /hospitality institutes owned by central, state government as well as self-financing colleges even though should form foreign universities of all educational zones like Engineering, architecture, medicine, Hospitality, media this one should attract the students from the neighboring countries this will make Kerala as “Educational Hub in India”.
Opportunity to create employment in Government Sectors
Number of students is passing out each year from different institutions but no one is getting chance to work in the government sectors like Government Guest houses, Tourism development cooperation Hotels, etc employees seeking to work in government sectors. Government should be employing only certified candidates having relevant experience. Then a large number of students would get motivated increasing the admissions every academic year for such courses.
Hospital & Hospitality Corporation
In Health sector Government has to campaign the facilities of the private & Government Hospitals offering varieties of treatment in Allopathic & Ayurvedic, should develop a documentary .Health sector & Hospitality sector should work together, foreign patients surgery & treatment could choose some wellness packages aswell. This will help both the sectors grow and many hospital & hospitality professionals would get better career & employment opportunities.
Utilization of expatriate’s Skill
Due to the pandemic covid-19 many expatiates lost their job, Government should use their skills, talents , expertise in developing our own resources. Government should study the possibility of developing eco-tourism, to encourage entrepreneurships in the area of eco tourism.
Basic infra structure attractions
Mega event , conventions, exhibitions, international summits to be conducted in the state for those events state will be the ideal place by developing the infrastructure are Airport,seaport,Mobility hubs, Shopping malls,metro rails, multiplex, convention centers ,international chain of hotels as well as to attract the foreign travelers ,multinational companies to invest their business here.Pramote those infrastructures to much more public to use in addition to that campaign ‘’ destination wedding ‘’ foreign travelers can conduct their wedding that facilities informing or marketing internationally for the ideal place for destination wedding.
Center of Water sport
To attract the foreign travelers to host the water sports like roving, kayaking, surfing attracting many foreign travelers to the state.

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