Have you ever thought of turning your hobby into a full fledge career? When I say hobby, I mean all of the things that you love to do.

If you’re not making the kind of money you desire you might want to consider being in business for yourself. Why let someone else control your destiny. You’ve put forth the effort for someone else, why not take that same effort and put it to use for yourself.

Are you tired of proofreading your resume?

Are you tired of punching the clock & getting a paycheck for doing something you hate?

Are you working a 9-5 as a way to make a living?

Sounds like a verse from a hit song but seriously, are you absolutely ecstatic about your current employer? Do you jump out of bed excited to go to work? Does work sometimes feel like play? Would you do it for FREE because you love it so darn much?

What would it take for you to “Be You For A Living”?

Now more than ever, female entrepreneurs looking for a more flexible lifestyle are starting their own businesses. They are saying bye-bye to traditional jobs and careers.

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life, starting my own business. I love being the CEO. I love putting, my God given gifts, talents and strengths to work. I love doing what I love. I think it’s pretty chic and considering that 80% of people are in jobs that they hate why not join the 20% and “Be You For A Living”, it’s tres chic to run your own business.

Job security is paramount…

Is it risky? Absolutely! I just can't imagine doing anything else. The rewards so outweigh the risk and considering that there’s no such thing as job security, especially in this shaky economic time. You might want to think about being your own boss. Even when business is slow, being the “The Chick In Charge” allows you the freedom to make choices that are best suited for you and the growth of your company. I think we’ve all heard the stories on the news. People laid off because it was in the best interest of “the company not the employee”.

Why is it tres chic to run your own business?

Owning a business is a financial asset. The potential of the business is unlimited. You determine how much money you want to make and if you’re willing to put forth the time and effort you can make it happen without someone else capping your salary or better yet waiting around for someone to give you a raise. There’s financial stability in the long run than remaining reliant on a company/employer.

You can profit from what brings you passion. It’s not just a cute phrase. Here’s a great way to start. Create a list of all the things that you love doing in one column. In the second column list what products/services you can offer. In the third column list all of the products/services that you believe will generate a profit. Do market research to see if what you are looking to offer is something that is needed in the marketplace and viola that’s the first step to “Be You For A Living”.

Are you a W2 Employee? Just about all of the expenses associated with your business are tax deductible. Being the “The Chick In Charge” can reduce your taxes significantly , surprisingly there are a number of things that are considered business expenses, like going to networking events, marketing materials, and consulting services.

Failing to plan

Another chic reason, if you’re thinking about being “You For A Living” you don’t have to start out 100 miles an hour. You can try out your business on a part-time basis while still working your current job. I recommend laying the foundation with a great marketing plan so you can get clients, doing the necessary research related to targets & demographics and getting the word out beforehand. The more people that know about your business, you are in a better position to immediately increase your profit margin. Every year people start businesses but soon find they’re going out of business because they fail to have a plan, put the right pieces in place and seek guidance before they “Open For A Business”. Set yourself up for success the chic way so you can “Be You For A Living” full time.

If you want to have your own business know that you can do it, yes it’s risky but risks bring rewards.

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After spending 10+ years in Hollywood as an Actress/Dancer/Body Double Ungenita Katrina Prevost learned how to Perfect Her Potential™. Today she is the World’s First Beauty Empowerment Author & Speaker & named "The Tony Robbins of Beauty". She helps female entrepreneurs bring structure back into their businesses and balance back into their lives by going from “Frazzled To Fabulous”, a simple, easy to implement system that gets results, ultimately improving their lives and businesses.

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