What calls for variety you may be wondering . . . weight loss calls for variety. Variety of what you may be pondering . . . diversity of exercise, that’s what. Having an assortment of different genres of movement that you enjoy is imperative to your continued success in the direction of a lighter, happier you.

Staying motivated means keeping things thrilling, exciting and having activities that you look forward to. When anticipating your workout it better add up to something that you are looking forward to or the plight becomes daunting. When you find yourself in a mindset of monotony, chances are you’ll throw in the towel. Therefore, the moment your exercise plan begins to groan and growl within yourself it is time for something fresh. Just think of it in these terms…..how would you feel if you had to wear the same outfit five times a week? Exactly, you’d detest it and that’s precisely why your exercise routine can’t follow the same pattern day after day, week after week; you must present yourself with the opportunity to choose what floats your boat and keeps you encouraged.

The last thing you want to happen is that you become stagnant and resentful of the movement that will bring about the change you are striving for in your life. Once your temple begins to plateau from regularity of your schedule, results begin to cease and you begin to feel discouraged. It is imperative for continued success that you create an exercise schedule that produces feelings of anticipation, is diverse in selection and promotes happiness in your life. Why? Take a peek:

~Encouraging variety wards off injury due to the range of different physical actions.
~Encouraging variety opens up new doors with endless, exciting possibilities.
~Encouraging variety banishes potential boredom from your physical fitness routine.
~Encouraging variety helps you to stay inspired & promotes excitement for movement.
~Encouraging variety enhances your motivation & willingness to continue on your healthy path.
~Encouraging variety increases the chances of continued weight loss.

Why not ask group of friends what they do to keep themselves active? Possibly you could join their fun. How about stopping by your local gym and picking up a schedule of classes? Chances are you will find at least a few things that you could participate in on a regular basis. Don’t forget if you have a pooch, he’d love to get out and about with his master. When your body faces new challenges, it wakes up, it makes a difference and you reap the benefits in the long run.

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