On January 11, 2011 the window of opportunity opens even wider now with an influx of Unity Consciousness energy that the Solar Eclipse/New Moon initiated on Jan 4th.

The energy represented by today’s date: 01.11.2011, best illustrates the individuality expressed by the One’s: new beginnings (almost) across the board. As month One in the Gregorian calendar, January usher’s in the New Year and symbolically represents a new start for most of us in the Western world. The Eleventh day of a One Month steps up the individual’s unique expression of self as a direct contributor to the Whole: Unity Consciousness. The Year 2011 in Numerological terms represents the energy of the Four expressed as the opportunity to build something of a solid and stable nature.

Numerology would further combine all of today’s numbers and reduce it to a single-digit number, resulting in Seven, which is all about partnerships of every kind. It also represents the challenges that we can face within our relationships, but the opportunity to find harmony is there, either within or even possibly without the relationship.

We will also enter the official and the final phase of the Mayan Calendar, on March 12, 2011, also known as the 7th Day. As we moved through a rough Sixth Night during most of 2010, with the apparent crumbling of the old and outworn dogmatic societal, financial, governmental and religious structures plagued by scandal and collapse, we technically crossed into the Mayan Calendar 7th Day home stretch during the first week of November, 2010.

With the powerful and transformative affects of Night Six, along with some of the most challenging astrological aspects we’ve seen in decades now behind us, we have essentially crossed the bridge to the other side of what offers to be the greatest opportunity Humankind has ever had before them, and is nothing less than THE opportunity of not one mere lifetime, but eons of lifetimes presented to us now.

Therefore, I believe that it is not only time, but also all about time, as we individually and collectively move toward the ‘big opportunity doorway’ lying straight ahead on our path.

This is the time to take our attention off the big monopoly game that has been played out before us, played us as pawns, and used us as ‘mere human resources’ to capitalize and monetize their big boy’s game. It is time to begin to come together and create not a new game, but a new way of living, a new way of loving, and in the process create an entirely New World.

This New World holds no place for a singular source of power held by a handful of men, but expresses the unique and creative power of each individual as they reach for the stars and live out their dreams.

This New World holds no place for greed, as when every individual begins to express their highest aspirations, the consciousness of scarcity, poverty and lack will disappear with nary a nostalgic glance back for it’s demise.

This New World holds no place for concentrated control exerted by technological devices, fear of death, and scarcity programming, as when personal sovereignty is remembered and reclaimed, freedom becomes the singular voice in a cohesive and happy collective consciousness.

This is the time we have all been waiting for, came back for, and have chosen to be here and now for. As humanity is faced with seemingly daunting challenges in every sector of life on our beautiful Planet Earth, it is the time in which coming together and searching with our Hearts, that we will persevere and find lasting solutions to a happy and sustainable world.

This is the time that we are individually and completely responsible for creating what we experience in the process, as well as in the outcome. It is time to grow up into the grown-ups we are more than capable of becoming, and recognize the inner wisdom each one of us carries within our Hearts. It is time that we no longer look to others to take care of us, and begin to take care of ourselves as the sovereign, loving and abundantly creative and limitless souls we are, and have always innately been.

This is the time when our beautiful Mother Earth is also getting ready to rebirth herself and will gladly take us with her, should we begin living from the Heart and in harmony with Nature. This is the time where each one of us can get to go along for the ride of all of our lifetimes, and birth an entirely New Paradigm on an entirely New Earth.

This is the time when our very beings get to push the ‘reactivate’ button and begin to remember and realize our true and highest potential in every way, and on every level. With the increasingly stepped-up influx of Solar-centered consciousness re-awakening our Hearts and minds, we are also on the fast track to our destined alignment with the Center of our Milky Way Galaxy, further exposing us to an even higher expression of Unity Consciousness and furthering our exponential and evolutionary transformation into sovereign, whole, illumined beings.

This is OUR time, OUR greatest hour and opportunity to leave the past behind and look forward and toward a very bright future in a wonderful New World. I’m in, anyone want to come along?

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Rebecca Cherry is the Founder of Tickled Pink Productions, and ‘Isabella’s Earth and the Forces of Doom’ Author. Her new ‘Notes from the Universe’ has just been published and is a self-guided awareness eBook available at B&N.com. As the creator of the RE-Emergence of the Divine Feminine Courses & Workshops, Cherry is a leading expert on topics of living a life full of Passion and Abundance Creation.

Born highly intuitive, and with a knowing acceptance of all people, Rebecca grew up enjoying a close connection to Mother Earth and Nature. At the age of 15, she began studying a wide range of esoteric subjects, and by the age of twenty had expanded her focus to include studying The Science of the Subconscious Mind, taught by a Professor at the UCLA Brain Institute, The Course of Miracles, Past Life Regression Therapy, Meditation, Iridology, Reflexology and a variety of Energetic Healing modalities.

Rebecca studied under three Master Intuitive Teachers both in Los Angeles and New York, fine-tuning her intuitive and energetic healing abilities. She continued over the years to compliment her expanding view of the healing arts through continued study and integration of the Akashic Records, Western Astrology, Numerology, Feng Shui, and Crystal and Gem Therapy.

Rebecca’s innate intuitive and healing abilities, extensive knowledge and combined expertise create a cohesive and unique new system she calls Integrated Energetics. She offers an extensive menu of Akashic Record readings, Energetic Clearing and Balancing techniques, and working with reprogramming the subconscious mind with supportive beliefs that are in alignment with your Heart’s desire.

Her comprehensive and gentle approach offers the divinely inspired guidance to assist others in transforming their lives into the one they not only desire, but also the one they are divinely destined to live.

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