It's really easy to press delete, to skip a message, to not answer a call or to judge another person for what they do or don't do. It's easy to move forward and not help another; Oh yes, it's easy. It's easy to pick and poke, joke and frown at everything that someone needs help's easy to be the wolf in sheeps clothing. Yes, it's easy.

How do I know?

I was that person;I was that babe. I was that one that thought of self first. I was the one that looked for something in return, beat you down with my frown, and moved ME forward on this road of success. Yes, I was that person because it was easy.

Now, it’s hard. It's hard for me to see all this help needed but only one hand out; not two. Not the other that will help both me AND you. It's had for me to see that people in my circles are still selfish and self centered; talk about others like it isn't gossip because they say let's pray for them at the end of their comment.

It's hard for me walk to with THEM that are trying so hard to be in their excellence that they can't remember where they came from. They can't build the kingdom because they can't build their neighbor. If you are busy climbing the latter and throwing down others while you climb, how do you expect to stay at the top if no-one is there with you?

I'm so mad that it is so easy for you not to consider others, but you want the blessings to rain down on your too. That's too easy. Easy will make you lose this race. The follow up is a warm up technique that helps you run this race effectively. Treat others how YOU want to be treated and they will remember you; whether positive or negative.

So what should you do as a person or entrepreneur? Follow up!
Practice it right now!

1. Check your phone; answer all texts and voice mail messages.

2. Check your email; answer all inquiries that you know aren't spam.

3. Go to your blogs; read the comments and respond to them.

4. Go to your Face Book account; read the inbox messages and respond to them.

5. Go through your snail mail; look at the bills you haven’t responded to

6. Contact old friends; there is something missing in your life that needs to hear from you

7. Contact former customers; find out why they have not purchased from you.

8. Send out thank you or thinking of you cards.

Whatever you do, follow up! It's important to your success! In your life there are two persons; one that goes far and the one that stands still. You are both people somewhere in your life right now. The one that stands still should be sent packing where the one that goes far should be replenished with positive affirmations to go far.

Author's Bio: 

Coach Dana a.k.a Dana Marie b.k.a Dana Neal is a motivational speaker, business and lifestyle coach. As a coach, she is touching the inner most parts of a person's life to build them higher in the things that are purposed by God. Motivation is an essential part of a successful life and accountability from one person to another. We offer teleconferences, webinars, and business classes to assist in lifestyle growth.