I'm sure there are times when you may not realize or may often forget how powerful you are. A lot of us go through our daily lives, hoping wishing and praying for things to be better than they are. The fact is they can be better than they are! It's all up to you! You are the one who has to make the decision about how you want things to go. When you pray and ask for guidance and wisdom, you must have strong faith and know that the answer will come. It's up to you to remain open to receive the answer. When you have a problem or an issue with something, you also hold the solution. One of my mentors use to say "The answer is in the same room with the question!" It's all about you. Instead of complaining about how someone has done you wrong, take a different, more positive action regarding the situation. Acting in a more positive way will help you to feel better and may also help you to resolve whatever the problem is.

When you are having a difficult time with someone, or feel that you can't forgive someone, forgive yourself for not being able to, until you can. Remember, you have the power to make choices. Make a choice to see the situation in a positive light! The thing to do is for you to make the change. If you are feeling hurt about something or by someone, change the hurt feeling to a feeling of joy. Be happy for the experience and that you were given the opportunity to learn something new. In order to live a successful life, its crucial that you take control of your own life. As Joe Vitale said in the DVD Movie the Secret "You are the Michelangelo of your own life; the David you are sculpting is you!" You are the one who can seek out help and support from others; You are the one who makes the decision to worry and complain or pray and take action about your situation; you are the one who makes the choice to talk to everyone you meet about a problem you are having with someone, or to have meaningful dialogue with the person you are having a problem with to come to an understanding. It's your choice! You are the reason for your success or lack of it! It's all you, all the time and it's all good!

"If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change." -- Michael Jackson

"Whatever you choose for You is right! You cannot get it wrong. If you have chosen something for You, it is right! You cannot fail. It is impossible for you to fail, because how can you fail at being You? You are the perfection of You, because nobody else can be You. You have got You down pat! Do you appreciate that you are an outstanding and total success at being You, right where you are now?" -- Rhonda Byrne

"Never forget the three powerful resources you always have available to you: love, prayer, and forgiveness." -- H. Jackson Brown

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JoAnn Youngblood King is a Success Coach, Author and Owner of Live Your Potential. JoAnn is also a business trainer and Facilitator for Project Enterprise, an organization that provides access to business loans, business development services and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs and small business owners. As a coach, JoAnn is committed to her clients success and happiness. She motivates and supports them in staying on track with their purpose and goals. She listens deeply, without judgment and explores with them the actions that will move them toward their success.