Psychic abilities are a responsibility. It is beautiful and enriching to be able to feel the love between a brother and sister, a husband and wife, or two children playing on the playground. You can feel the laughter and love as if it is your own.

Abilities, however, can also pose great challenges to a psychics personal life.

Many have a hard time in relationships, with weight, work, mental health issues and struggle to truly accept who they are.

In the area of relationships, one must look for those who match in energy in general. When abilities of any energetic kind come into play, it is hard to find people who will hold their interest. Dating or even finding dates can be difficult. The reason? The vibration of an energy worker is different than the common person. It is higher, not better….different. Sometimes the vibe of a healer, witch or psychic is just different enough for people to feel…then run.

So, how do we deal with relationships? Patience and self-work. The gentler we are with ourselves, the longer thoughtful walks, coffee at sunrise before work, a quiet early morning jog at the local school or community center….will help you find the vibration that is truly your own and sit in it.

By living a simplistic meaningful life in a fast-paced society, We will attract that love effortlessly.

There is no point in getting into a relationship of any kind if our vibe is constantly changing. So too will our taste in people, food, jobs, home environment.

Better to explore us to our fullest so the right circumstances walk into our life instead of chasing the rainbow to find its end.

Work is another example of this. We fleet from position to position trying to find the better opportunity not realizing working on us will bring us what we desire and put our energy into.

Weight gain also is a difficult one. So many psychics spend so much time with spirit that our bodies overcompensate and gain weight to help keep us grounded. Some may not agree with this thought. Try grounding. Sit and feel the earth. Closing our eyes and feeling the wind around us, we rebalance the internal elements. Take in the fire of the sun. Allow emotions to flow like the water.( god could I sound anymore new agey lol!) it’s true none the less.

Balancing the elements will help any energy worker to stay trim. It helps the appetite, and want for more wholesome foods. It clears the mind and so much more.

Families may not be receptive to abilities. Whether we were the weird kid in the family or just coming out of the psychic closet, acceptance, and respect of their viewpoint is a must. Why? Because we must be the example wish to teach.

As psychics, we are healers and leaders and for good or bad must lead by example in our lives no matter what our circumstances. We must live truthfully and honestly to show that it can be done and that this is the path to a better future for anyone wishing to travel it.

In short. A psychics life is as easy as we make it. Our challenges are few and far between if we adopt the concept of “ there are no such things as problems in life, only opportunities to learn and grow”. With that, even the worst days and circumstances that perhaps our gifts lend to can be seen as bright and beautiful, and something to be shared with all we encounter.

Cheers everyone!
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Angel is a working psychic with Tv shows and Radio work all over Canada. She life revolves around educating people about what its really like to live a psychic lifestyle and how we can utilize this natural ability with us to better ourselves and those around us.