Maybe the cycles in our lives affect our perspectives, and some form of wisdom, the wisdom that brings a great sense of knowing and inner peace, comes with age and experience...

But I am finding that these are not the only or even the most important variables in personal happiness, something that is far more valuable if you are seeking the life you came here to live.

It is my belief that deep within each of us, we are connected to an inner wisdom, and that wisdom calls us forward to inner balance and happiness every day of our lives. However, many people spend a lifetime ignoring their inner calling, and find themselves stuck in the reasons they can't change.

Over the years of working with women, I have seen a growing interest in personal awareness, and an exciting shift in those that are willing to take the steps to create the life they truly enjoy.

We have found that no one can be busy enough or go fast enough to find their inner peace... nor get sick enough or create protective walls high enough, to fulfill their need for self love or self care.

It wasn't a total melt down, grave sickness, or injury that made me take the leap and change my life, but it was close. I went through a phase of fear and doubt on my way out of where I was, instead of joyfully running towards what I could become.

I had been experiencing a growing sense of emptiness that I could not fill with the life I had created.

For so many years, I felt a great satisfaction by surpassing goals, stretching myself and being able to multi-task to the extreme. But as my life was flying by, I found a growing emptiness inside that was accompanied with a nagging feeling of frustration.

Linda Kohanov, author of Riding Between the Worlds, and Karla McLaren, author of Emotional Genius worked together on defining emotions, and the messages behind the emotions in a way that was easy to understand.

They said that the message behind frustration, is that the action that you are taking is not effective. It is a call for you to try something different to get positive results. If we are open to learning from it, it will give us the guidance to change the outcome through our own growth.

I had never been taught how to interpret the messages behind my emotions, I had just been feeling them, and with frustration, there was a increasing sense of discomfort. Like so many, I just tried to ignore the discomfort and kept busy, thinking it would change.

What I found was that while I was doing a really good job, it felt like no matter how hard or well I worked, I didn't really matter and the heart had gone out of what I was doing. It was my heart that had given me the signs that I had been ignoring.

I was playing small in the most important place of all - my heart. It was time for me to be the "star" of my own life.

I am finding that the depth and inner fulfillment of life is so much greater than I had ever realized.

If we can learn to quiet our minds enough to tune into our inner callings on a regular basis, in other words, if we can allow ourselves to get the messages behind what we are feeling, even during difficult times, we can find our healthier path to contentment and joy right now.

Author's Bio: 

Barbara Alexander is the founder of Epona Ridge – a magical place where women have come for years to gain insight about their inner lives and seek a greater awareness of their heart's true calling. Barbara serves as their mentor and guide as her retreat participants go through their individual journeys towards true happiness, joy and inner peace.

Barbara has worked with over a thousand people in the Epona Ridge Retreat programs, teaching transformational techniques that shift core energy awareness and life experience.

After many years of a successful career as a business executive, Barbara has dedicated her personal and professional life to mentoring women and men in building their life as well as their business with a stronger foundation for well-being and personal fulfillment.

Barbara provides techniques for enhancing the mind/body connection, personal core energy awareness and personal empowerment. You will love the feelings of rejuvenation and inspiration that you experience at the Epona Ridge Retreats.