Are you stuck in an exercise warp? Are you trying to break down the barrier of boredom with your routine? Do you feel like quitting your current fitness program or are you just getting stick of going it alone? If you answered yes to any of these questions, why not recruit a friend to tour your workout journey with you?!

Traveling your chosen road can become very tiresome and you may feel very isolated at times; everyone enjoys company in their life and working out is no different. Enlisting the support of a friend is a wonderful option and can truly inspire you to get up and get going when days feel overwhelming and you seem to be experiencing a difficult time getting going and continuing on with your fitness journey. We all have those days when the last thing you want to do is lace up your sneakers and hit the fitness trail, but having someone who is in pursuit of the same outcome is a fantastic addition to your plan of action.

Drafting the help of a friend can be as simple as asking the question; chances are they are swimming in the same sea as you and will be thrilled to accompany you and support your aspirations. The great thing about having a workout buddy is that it is a two way street and becomes a win-win situation for both parties. Below is a list of many fabulous benefits a workout partner can offer:

~Hold you accountable to follow through on your promises.
~Give you a shoulder when you feel like quitting.
~Keep you moving when you’d rather crawl onto the couch.
~Never let you forget what you are working toward.
~Be a continuous reminder of your goals.
~Help you get out the door on days when you feel like quitting.
~Support you when you feel all alone on your plight for a lighter/healthier you.

There are many superb rationales for engaging the partnership of a movement companion. Not only do you further the relationship with a pal, you also gain the priceless addition of having someone in your life that is expecting you to show up and someone who is relying on you to be ready. As if that isn’t enough, an exercise chum encourages you, provides the necessary motivation to create consistency and gets you moving on days when you would rather not; such a tremendous combination toward triumph.

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