I was talking to Nik Halik the other day—Australian, adventurer, investor, trader, multi-millionaire. We were talking some business strategies, and I invited him onto my radio show, The NEW Think and Grow Rich radio, and we did an interview.

I have read his book, which I highly recommend: The Thrillionaire. Thrill as in 'Wow, what a thrill!" Read it, and you'll know what I mean.

And he is definitely a multi-millionaire. The true extent of his actual riches I wouldn't propose to indicate—I haven't seen his balance sheet. But I do know that he can afford a $25 million jaunt here and there. I do know that he's bought a whole ship, a northern icebreaker, and crewed it with a Russian crew… I do know a few things.

And I do know what he was talking about with his investment strategy, because he's been very successful in property, real estate, and information marketing.

He teaches and practices the "don't let your income come in from one source only" strategy. And so I was wanting to ask him some questions about that—for the listeners, of course. For example, "What is your current strategy in real estate?"

"Well," he told us, "it's buying property that has the potential for rehabbing"—he actually used a different word because he's Aussie—"where you can create value from the get-go. And then you can borrow money out of it if you want, or rent it out, let it out, or never sell, and get more properties."

I asked, "What's your favorite trading strategy?" and he told us, "Well, I'm a sharelord. I do the same thing in stock trading that I do in real estate. I buy the property and lease it out."

Now, I don't know how well you understood either one of those, but you just got the latest from a multi-millionaire. It might be good to make a mental note of those things, whether you actually decide to act on them or not.

But here's something you're definitely going to act on. He said…

"These strategies and techniques, these comprise about 1% of the true formula for wealth and riches…just about 1%. Much more important, Ted, is the mindset kind of thing that you teach.

"The persistence, the Sixth Sense…the having a definite chief purpose, the leveraging, the compounding. It's the principles, it's the concepts.

"So many people get it backwards, and I have more people listening to me when I'm talking about real estate and stock trading than I do when I'm talking about mindset, I promise you that. I've had to reverse the whole equation. I have to sell in my information marketing business the 1% of the equation that attracts the 99% of the people.

"So I sell about trading. So I sell about real estate. So I sell about Internet marketing… You catch my drift? he said… "And then I teach them and share as much mindset as they can handle, as much mindset as I can get in, and it's all about mindset."

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