When you stop to think about how you set your table, what serving pieces you adorn your dishes with and the shape and size of your dining beverage wear, it truthfully is absolutely eye opening how much control and management you possess over the care and keeping of your family and your guests at this special time of year. You are the grand chef and hostess putting on a dining event spectacular.

Whether it is an exclusive holiday hoopla or an everyday dining experience there are many pleasurable tactics that promote healthy portion size and equip you, your family and table guests with some masqueraded maneuvers that are sure to allow the constant buttoning of pants, promote feelings of control and allow you and your guests to hit the hay with a grand feeling of control and contentment. Take a moment to ponder these fabulous table setting suggestions and put them into play at your next mealtime occurrence.

~Decorate your dining table with festive embellishments throughout the middle of the table. This will create a sense of peace and allow guests to chatter about its beauty and not fret about the dishes that typically garnish the area.
~Provide your company with a smaller mealtime plate in which to select their choices. A smaller plate equates into a decreased amount of food being placed on it for consumption. Chances are that once you and your company have finished one platter you’ll be satisfied.
~Serve beverages in fancy, tall glasses that promote conversation and provide the illusion of a larger amount of drink to quench your thirst. Dress the drink with a pretty fruit or vegetable garnish to add to its delight and pleasure.
~Place water at each table setting and provide a self-serve picture for all to enjoy through their dining delight. Water fills the tummy and leads as an appetite suppressant.
~Do not spread the feast on the dining table; place it in the kitchen for an out-of-sight, out-of-mind approach. It is much easier to turn down seconds when it is not staring you in the face.
~Be thoroughly aware of the size of your serving cutlery wear. Using smaller serving wear promotes smaller portion allotments and comfortable, happy tummies.

Chances are that when you initiate these noshing know-hows you’ll be pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes, except your own and your guests will leave your humble abode with wonderful feelings of contentment, satisfaction and the ability to breathe deep with their buttons intact.

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