Regardless of whether you personally choose to see the continuing uncertainty of current times as a recession, depression or simply an economic down turn -- at this juncture, are any of these perspectives really appropriate to have or hold on to?

The simple truth is that how you choose to label it is in direct proportion to what you are thinking and believing about it. But, are you actually using “right” thinking? Because it takes Right Thinking in order to take the Right Actions that will provide you and your organization with Right Results.

In the interest of finding clarity, I would ask you to recall the proverbial “half a glass of water” perspective. Like your 401K account, is the glass of water truly a recession that is now half empty and seemingly evaporating more by the day? Could it really be anything else?

I personally vote “YES” it could be! Take a moment to ponder these timeless words from one of America’s greatest industrialists Henry J. Kaiser, who said that “Problems are only opportunities in work clothes.” Considering all of the problems that we now have, there must be abundant opportunities waiting to be discovered just below the surface issues of the problems which we as a society and you personally are fixated on.

So, let’s take a second look at that glass of water... I’ll tell you what it is that I see... A “fresh start”. Allow me to share my thought processes with you:

While there clearly were bad business practices and government policies, they weren’t all bad. Undoubtedly, you made a few blunders in recent years yourself, but were all of your personal decisions completely flawed? Of course not. In fact, most of your decisions were sound because they were based on solid fundamental thinking. That’s the thinking that you and I need to get back to.

The water which remains in the glass represents the fundamental thinking, practices and principles on which we need to build our foundation for a new and better future. Simply stated, discard what wasn’t working and focus on what was working for you -- and how you can now adapt it to your present circumstances. Then start building new and creative systems and structure on the solid foundation which you have salvaged. Think back to your formal education, especially college and career development training. What you were primarily taught were “concepts” which have been proven over time. Concepts in and of themselves don’t change -- it’s the application of the concept that is continually re-adapted over time to new technologies, innovations, changing business climates and marketing conditions.

If you take the time to take a closer look at the various concepts which you learned once upon a time -- you just might discover that now is the Right Time to put some of those Right Concepts back to work for the benefit of both yourself and your organization.

Even in the midst of all of the media’s doom and gloom coverage, on more than one occasion I have personally heard several reporters comment on the historical fact that people have made their fortunes during recessions, economic downturns and even the great depression.

So, “why” not you? The only thing that is holding you back is you. Opportunity is out there and it is beckoning to who so ever has the courage to step forward to claim it and then embrace it.

Problems? What problems? Like old Henry J., I’m putting on my work clothes -- ‘cause there’s great opportunity in that there elbow grease!

As always, I’m here to help.

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