IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination) is the process in which the washed or selected sperm is injected into the uterus via the thin catheter. It is also sometimes called artificial insemination. IUI is the type of IVF treatment practised and has a very high success rate. IUI in Kathmandu is the simple and the best treatment provided very easily. Before trying any other treatments, the couple should go through IUI, the best one. The treatment had no risk at all. One should not bother about the pain and all; it is not the matter to worry the treatment goes very smoothly with the least pain. These types of treatment had made the process of IVF easy so that every couple can afford the treatment and have the enjoyment of one’s family.

IUI cost in Kathmandu: affordable to each and every couple.

IUI cost in Kathmandu is very fair to all the needed couples. The centre does not have any type of discrimination among the patients. The cost is estimated in such a way that the treatment should be affordable to all the couple. IUI cost in Kathmandu had no any hidden prices. The patients are made known at the initial phase without any hidden price. The cost of the treatment is according to the economy of the country and the minimum price that was needed for the treatment. In spite of the best experts and all the needed equipment, the price estimated is the least. This is because of the necessity of the child to the cultural and traditional country like Nepal.

IUI clinic in Kathmandu: must be the ambitious goal to every couple.

IUI clinic in Kathmandu situated in the hub of the city provides the treatment very efficiently to the couple. The treatment has got very high success rate by our experts. Today in the county like Nepal too, the rush and pressure are arising day by day which has created the different disease to the population. Among several diseases, the sterility is also a great problem to the couple. Thus, IUI clinic in Kathmandu has brought the treatment to the problem. The clinic is very stable in the city and well known to the population of Kathmandu. Thus the problem should be detected and the couple should visit the clinic.

IUI centre in Kathmandu is the centre for the IVF treatment. One of the simplest IVF treatments is IUI and this is only the treatment practised at the initial stage of the treatment. The treatment had been found successful to the couple. The IUI centre in Kathmandu has the best experts for the treatment. These experts and the nurses are also friendly to the patient. The patients are very comfortable with the treatment in our centres. The centre had got very comfortable lying beds and all the needed equipment for the couple.

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IUI cost in Kathmandu is very fair to all the needed couples.