I could've been out at the lake when I was writing this article; it was a beautiful day. As I dictated this, I'd just seen a group of about 12 Harley riders go by. Not on my street-where I live is a little more insulated than that-but I can see a few streets over on a major thoroughfare. It was about 4:30 on a Saturday afternoon, so life was cool. Life was tranquil.

I'd been there working on articles-writing articles for society, right? I had enjoyed the past few hours. The sun was shining and it was kind of warm, but that feels good at this time of year. I was thinking about all the different choices in life.

I'm always one to point out how what you think, choose, and decide creates the results you get in life. And certainly I have no issue against people who go out and ride Harleys on Saturday. Like I admitted, I could have been out on my boat that day.

I wouldn't be out on my Harley if I was in La Ciudad de Panamá [Panamá City], but I could be out on my Katana enduro, which is a city run. But I spent the day invested in articles.

Now, invested is a curious word. I'd like for you to think about how you can possibly pull this into your own experience. I've not given anything up to be with these articles. This is the most passionate, the most connected thing in all my life that I want to do, that I am called to do. I am fulfilling my divinely ordained purpose. I am giving it my best!

I don't mind working on Saturday afternoon. Can you find what your passion is? Where you can contribute, running the course in seven league boots?

When we talk about passion, we have to talk about fulfillment. Even if we seldom take the time to reflect on the fulfillment, just the act of being motivated, in flow, turned on, switched on, connected, electrified is an experience in itself that rewards the maker.

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