The IVF Clinic Nepal is a clinic which fulfills the dream of infertile couples of having their own baby. The IVF Clinic Nepal provides an advanced fertility service by which the doctors and the fertility experts can treat the complex cases of fertility. The doctors and the fertility experts at IVF Clinic Nepal offer the fertility treatment at low-cost. Low-cost does not mean that they compromise with the quality standard of the treatment. They offer the same standard of the treatment which other developed countries like the UK, US etc. offers but at low-cost.
The fertility treatment will cost you somewhere around USD 50,000 to USD 1, 00,000 in the US, however, the same treatment IVF Clinic Nepal offers you at USD 30,000 and the live birth success rate of IVF Clinic Nepal also very high as compared with the success rate of other developed countries.
Infertility of Men & Women treated at IVF Clinic Nepal
The fertility expert at
IVF Clinic Nepal believes that the women between the age group of 21 to 30 years are more fertile than the woman over the age of 30 years. After the age of 30 years the ovarian reserve start the in the women.
The men also start to reduce his fertility at the age of 40 years onwards; only in some cases, the sperms are available until the age of 60 years which is very rare.
The IVF Clinic Nepal treats the infertility condition for both men and women by using their latest and modern technology. IVF is the treatment which has proven successful for the women over the age of 40 years as well. The fertility experts will examine both men and women properly and find the exact cause of infertility. Once the cause of infertility examined they will recommend the best fertility treatment according to your age and budget.
Many of the infertility problems can be solved by giving the medicines or by small surgical procedures, however, if you are facing more difficulty in conceiving than the fertility experts of IVF Clinic Nepal will advise you to go for the Artificial Reproductive Techniques which has proved beneficial for the couples to overcome from the range of infertility issues and provide females the best chance to give the birth to their own baby.
The fertility experts including other staff members and counselors will properly help you to make understand the procedure and once you feel that this is the best procedure to fulfill your dream our fertility expert will begin the procedure.
Double the Chance of your IVF Treatment At
IVF Clinic Nepal, the couples can double the chance of their IVF treatment. In case you are unable to achieve the successful pregnancy in your first IVF attempt, then you can go for another IVF cycle at half of the cost. All the fertility treatments available at IVF Clinic Nepal are cost-effective and suits to the pocket of every individual.

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