The IVF Cost in India depends on the various factors such women age, the cause of infertility, previously failed IVF cycle etc. The live birth success rate of taking the baby home is the most important factor which indicates the success rate of the IVF treatment.

The women age is the major factor which will increase the IVF Cost in India because the older the women are the more dosage of stimulation medication is required by her for a longer period of time, however, the younger women do not require the high dosage to stimulate her ovaries.
The basic IVF Cost in India is around USD 4500 which includes other expenses as well, however, if couples need the advanced IVF treatment with advanced diagnosed will affect the IVF Cost in India such as if couple need the IVF with egg donor procedure than the fees of egg donor, agency fees, fees for screening the donor, lab charges etc. will increase the actual IVF Cost in India and in case if couple need IVF with Surrogacy than the cost of recruiting the surrogate, legal charges of surrogate, fees for the surrogate mother for her services etc. will also increase the actual IVF Cost in India.

According to study, more than 60% of the couples in India are struggling with the cause of infertility and this is because of change in their life style, late marriages etc. The fertility specialists in India are those doctors who will help these patients by providing them the latest and advanced procedures in the field of fertility management and that too at very reasonable cost.
There are few factors which can affect the fertility of the couples and will increase the IVF Cost in India. These are:

Obesity:It is one of the major factors which cause infertility and if not controlled then it will become difficult for men and women to conceive a baby. In such condition, the fertility expert will advise the couples to maintain an ideal body because a more obese person needs the high dosage of to stimulate the ovaries to increase the number of mature eggs and sperms for fertilization and this will increase the IVF Cost in India.

• Quit smoking: If anyone of the partner smokes than the chances of conceiving decrease dramatically, in such cases the fertility expert will ask to quit smoking else the fertility expert need to give some medicines which will help the couples to quit smoking and this will increase the IVF Cost in India.

• Consumption of alcohol: The fertility expert will advise both men and women to avoid the consumption of alcohol because it will affect the eggs and sperms quality and they need extra dosage to stimulate the ovaries which will increase the IVF Cost in India.
India is a country which offers the low- IVF Cost in India to all the patients around the world without compromising the quality of the treatment.


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