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Janam Fertility Centre is the new ray of hope for people dealing with fertility problems as we provide advanced treatment to help fulfill hopes, desires and dreams of childless couples throughout the country. The fertility centre was established under expert guidance of Dr. Ashutosh Gupta who is a specialist in pediatrics and Dr Geeta Digra who is an authority in treatment of infertility. We have a leading team of IVF specialists, Embryologists, Gynecologists and other doctors. Janam Fertility Centre is a one stop centre for those who require any type of solution for infertility under one roof. The team is efficient and knowledgeable and conducts counseling and consultations through comprehensive investigations, medicines or USG’s. You can find all the latest machines and technical instruments in the hospital which help in providing enhanced treatment related to IVF. It is Located inside Doaba Hospital 320, Lajpat Nagar, Mahavir Marg, near Nakodar CHowk, Jalandhar city. This centre has experienced staff and doctors and is one of the best TEST TUBE BABY CENTRE in Punjab. Janam fertility Centre provides personal attention to every patient at each stage of their treatment and is dedicated to treat complicated cases with utmost care and attention. There are several patients who have benefited through our treatment and are leading a happy life with their little ones. We aim at providing efficient services to all the distressed couples who have lost hope of having children.

Treatments We Offer:

Janam fertility centre is providing you the best infertility treatments at affordable cost.

HSG is an X-ray test which is performed to detect female fertility potential. It is a radiology test which is done by inserting dye into the uterus. If the dye passes through the fallopian tubes then they are open but if dye spills in abdomen then they are blocked. In case the tubes are blocked, right treatment is provided to open the tubes. If the tubes cannot be opened the patient is counseled for IVF.


IUI treatment or intrauterine insemination is the process of separating fast moving sperms from non-moving sperms and then inserting them directly into the uterus of the woman during the ovulation period. This enhances the chances of pregnancy and the procedure is painless and simple.


It is the most successful method of fertility treatment which combines sperm, eggs, uterus and tube to make a baby. If other initial methods do not work for couples then IVF is suggested which helps women conceive easily. Janam Fertility centre has state of the art facilities of IVF for the childless couples.


In this process a single sperm is injected into an egg which enables fertilization easily. This treatment has high success rates in case male partner has low sperm production. It is a boon for those individuals who are unable to conceive through other treatments.

• Embryo Freezing (Vitrification)
In the laboratory of Janam fertility Centre, you can get Embryo frozen in liquid nitrogen to be used later during IVF. This lab is constantly monitored and supervised by specialists and is licensed to provide all these treatments. These embryos are frozen for future use and are beneficial for childless couples.

• Surrogacy program

Surrogacy is a ray of hope for childless couples for whom other treatments are at working. Janam Fertility centre helps in surrogacy program and couple scan have their genetic baby with help of other woman who can carry the baby easily.


At JANAM FERTILITY CENTRE, there is a care and treatment plan for full spectrum of gynaecologic conditions that effect women’s health, including menopausal symptoms, pelvic pain, fibroids, abnormal uterine bleeding, abnormal pap smears, vulvar abnormalities, PCOD / PCOS, menstrual complaints and paediatric and adolescent gynaecology disorders. Our customised age-wise women’s health checks ensure that you are tested against any health risks that may occur. At Janam we provide world-classservices which are supported by our state-of- the-art infrastructure, processes and a teamof qualified professionals and surgeons who understand and take care of your all medical needs.

• Normal Delivery

A Normal Delivery is a natural process of giving birth to a baby & which every woman is capable of, only if she takes proper care during pregnancy. Minor complications in the pregnancy do not make it any less possible for a woman to deliver a baby normally.
There are steps which can be taken during the pregnancy to ensure normal and natural childbirth. In Janam we educate the expecting mother on the Diet, Exercise and Necessary precautions to be taken during the tenure of pregnancy so that she is able to go through a healthy Normal Delivery.

We have a team of highly qualified doctors and you can choose from our pool of experts who are IVF specialists, Gynecologists, Embryologist etc.

Janam Fertility centre has advanced technology with imported machines fitted inside high tech infrastructure. Every patient gets high tech facilities during their treatment for infertility.

With world class infrastructure and latest technology, Janam fertility centre is leading in the field of IVF.

Every patient is treated with great care and attention to provide fruitful results after detection of the cause of infertility.

If you have any problem related with infertility or health then contact with us on given number: +91 70870 11137

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Janam Fertility Centre provides the best treatments for infertility at affordable cost. Our Best IVF Centre in Jalandhar also Offer Best IVF Cost in Punjab.