IVF in Nepal is a procedure for those women whose fallopian tubes are damaged. According to study, IVF is the first line fertility treatment for various infertility problems such as PCOD, endometriosis and unexplained infertility. The women with failed IUI treatment can also be benefited by IVF Treatment Nepal.
IVF Nepal is a simple fertility procedure where the fertility expert will collect the eggs from the women ovaries and mix them together with the sperm of her husband to facilitate the fertilization and this fertilization will be conducted outside the women body but in IVF lab under specific circumstances. Once the fertilization occurs the embryologist will transfer the best-selected embryo into women uterus and then will wait for the signs and symptoms of the pregnancy.

After two weeks of the embryo transfer couple need to re-visit the clinic for the pregnancy test and if the results are positive then the pregnancy will grow as normal, however, in case the couple is unable to conceive a baby in the first attempt of IVF in Nepal then they can repeat the IVF Treatment Nepalbefore moving to other expensive reproductive treatments. Most of the women had undergone for more than 2 IVF cycles to achieve their goal of success which is their own baby.

Nepal is the country which offers the most affordable IVF in Nepal and this is the reason that every year thousands of people travel to Nepal for their IVF in Nepal not only because it offers the low- cost IVF Treatment Nepalbut also for the success rates which the fertility experts in Nepal deliver to the all patients no matter in which corner of the world they may reside.

We all are aware of the fact that the infertility is a factor which creates distressing life crises for many couples who are not able to conceive naturally after having an unprotected regular intercourse for more than 12 months. The fertility experts from Nepal and India understand the emotions of the couples who were struggling from a long period of time to have an own baby and provide them the best IVF Treatment Nepal.

Infertility is not a disease it’s a disorder of hormones which can be treated by highly skilled and experienced fertility experts. Infertility occurs due to the population and change in lifestyle and now it has become a common health issue everywhere, but no worries because now with the advancement of medical science the fertility experts also have the treatments to fight against the causes of infertility and allow the couple to enjoy their parenthood happily with their own baby.

Till date, the success rate of the IVF Treatment Nepal is around 70 to 80% which is quite high as compared to the success rates of other developed countries and also the fertility experts in Nepal treated the infertility cases for the couples with growing age and achieved the highest success rate of pregnancy in those cases as well.

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