Couples who are facing various fertility problems, IVF suggests an effective solution for them. IVF assists in fertilizing an egg outside of the body so the multiple complications and problems can be eliminated. This fertilized egg is then transferred into the female’s uterus in hopes of conception.

IVF has grown in popularity as techniques have improved and success of treatment has increased. While a growing number of patients are becoming familiar with IVF treatment, many still have questions about what the treatment experience is like and how daily routine including exercise habits will be impacted.

Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour explains queries that some the couples frequently ask regarding IVF and daily exercise.

Is Exercise Safe Throughout IVF Treatment?
Exercise is very healthy habit to improve the overall health of the body. It has also shown to have a positive impact on a person’s emotional well-being. Therefore, it is counted as healthy habit. Due to the significant benefits of exercise, doctors always encourage of their patients to participate in some form of exercise or physical activity. In general, exercise is considered safe during the stages of IVF treatment. However, patients may need to alter their regular exercise routine slightly as treatment progresses in order to avoid an increased risk of complications or discomfort. For patients who do not already have an exercise routine, perhaps it is not a good idea to start a new, strenuous routine at the start of IVF treatment, although low impact activities should be perfectly safe and may even benefit the patient during IVF treatment.

What is The Limitation of Exercise during IVF Treatment?
It must keep always in mind that more than four hours per week of "vigorous" exercise during IVF stimulation has been shown to lower pregnancy rates. This is due to diminished ovarian blood flow as more blood flow is diverted to muscles.

What Type of Exercise Is Safe During an IVF Cycle?
Patients should be free to continue with whatever exercise routine has already been established during the initial phases of IVF treatment. However, patients are advised to alter their exercise routine to include only low impact activities if once treatment progress. The reason of asking patients to avoid high impact activities is that the fertility medications that are used may enlarge the ovaries. Strenuous activities may be cause ovarian torsion development, in which the ovaries may become twisted. This rare side effect of IVF can be a painful condition for patients. In order to gain the benefits of physical activity while avoiding possible complications of IVF treatment, patients should consider the following exercises, which should be completely safe throughout all phases of IVF treatment:
• Use of elliptical machines
• The use of light hand weights
• Swimming or light water activities

During the procedure of an IVF treatment and exercise need to do everything in control. Patients need to care from over push the body to the point that it is in pain or overly fatigued. While exercise and physical activity is healthy for the body, it is important to keep it in balance.

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