Infertility is yet another lifestyle disease faced by women all across the globe. The couple has to face the toughest of the times when they are planning to have their baby but is unable to deliver the same due to the various underlying issues. After several miscarriages, premature births, death in the womb, the couple has to face the odds by taking fertility medicines, in vitro fertilization, intrauterine fertilization and the last is the surrogacy procedure. Getting into details for all the treatments, the couple finally opts for the treatment from the best IVF specialist doctor in Delhi instead of jumping straight to surrogacy.

IVF proves to be the best treatment for unproductiveness
The IVF hospitals in Delhi provide the most advanced and customized IVF treatment as per the patient's need for the sperm donor. Many times the treatment undergoes various sub treatments to reach the IVF cycle. It solves the ovulation problems in women and increases the sperm count in men for which you can have full faith in the doctors of Delhi with high success rates. It provides affordable treatment using the modern infrastructure and advanced technology from the renowned technicians and a team of challenging doctors.

When the need for the IVF treatment does arise
The distressed couples face many complications due to which they remain childless and unable to withstand the pressure of society. The best IVF experts in Delhi deal with all issues below and subtly carry the procedure.
• When both the fallopian tubes blocked due to surgery or record of major illness.
• The abnormally low sperm count.
• When finding one unsuccessful in all the treatments but unable to conceive.
• Also, the women want to be pregnant not naturally but by the trusted embryo and donation of an egg.

Various steps involving in the IVF process
There are few steps to cover to find positive results for the couples undergoing the treatment in the IVF clinics are list below:
• Firstly, the ovarian egg is investigating to understand the cause of not developing at a normal rate.
• The eggs, from the ovaries, collect to know about the level of maturity are usual or delayed.
• Next is the collection of the sperms from the partner.
• The crucial step is to see the fertilization of the embryo under the proper environment after the sperm and the eggs are together in the laboratory.
• Finally, the fertilized egg is transfer in the uterus and develops normally.

Various medications and tests are performed in the IVF clinics in New Delhi to increase the chances for fertilizing and development of the eggs, ultrasound to know the condition of the ovaries and check the hormone levels.

Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour is the IVF specialist doctor in Delhi rendering the best fertility services and solves the genetic disorders in women. If you are facing any fertility problems, she is the ultimate choice with innumerable cases solved under her guidance, monitoring and supervising a team of specialists and doctors.

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